Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inner Athlete

Aside from running the 1/2 Marathon in May, and then running a 5k in December, I also decided to join an adult recreational volleyball league with my friend from work, Esmeralda. I was scared to death but she assured me it would be fun and that even though she also didn't know how to play she loved it.

She was right. I LOVED it. I was nervous before every game but the rush is a blast! It kind of makes me sad that I hated sports as a kid. Had I actually tried to play volleyball or run track, I might have made the team! Better late than never though!
I also joined Esmeralda in co-coaching her daughter's YMCA team and loved that just as much. Our girls are great and loved the team so much they want us to coach them again come April. Can't wait, I already miss not seeing the girls twice a week. Oh, and we took home the championship....that doesn't hurt either.