Thursday, October 27, 2011


I can't believe I haven't updated the blog since I ran my half marathon in May. That's also about how long it's been since I last ran! :)
After the run, my mind was focused on my trip to Italy with my friend Katherine. We were going to be there over my birthday and visited Rome, Florence, the Tuscany region and Venice. Having been to Venice for my Senior Trip in high school, I was most excited to see the Vatican in Rome and the Tuscany region.
After a stressful start (we didn't get to Boston in time to catch our flight to Rome due to the weather in Boston, then being redirected thru London) we arrived on our first night in time for dinner at the hotel. We didn't get to see the Colisseum (except as we rode past it in the car) but we arrrived in plenty of time for our tour of the Vatican which was the most important part. It was as beautiful as you imagined it could be.
Next up was Florence....a lovely town full of narrow cobblestoned streets. From Florence we took a day tour of Tuscany and stopped in Pisa to see the lovely Leaning Tower, a local cheese farm for an authentic Italian lunch and then a stop in Sienna and San Gimignano two medievil towns full of old world charm and LOTS of steep hills!
By the time we reached Venice we were pretty much exhausted from having to haul our luggage onto and off the train between cities. And it was unusually hot in Italy for that time of year. We worked off all of the gelato and wine from walking everywhere and just leaking pure sweat!
We walked over every part of Venice and didn't get lost once, which is a coup considering the map is VERY confusing and you can't count on street numbers to find your way around.
It was a wonderful birthday trip for me and now I can focus on visiting other new countries next year!