Sunday, May 1, 2011

Half Marathon Finisher!!

After months of training, the big day finally came. And we had the worst weather for our first time out of the gate! It was cold, windy and wet. Luckily there was no lightening so the race continued as planned. Despite the elements, I was feeling really good! That is until I hit mile 8 and the race police literally made us stop and take cover because a hail storm was heading right for us. After 30 minutes of waiting the hail redirected and we were allowed to finish the race. Not so easy since our muscles had gotten cold and tight. But I finished about 3 hours and 3 minutes. I'm convinced had we not been stopped I could have finished under 3 hours, I was feeling that great.

My parents, Michelle and the twins were there along with Katherine's brother Erik and his girlfriend Anna and our friends JoHanna and Cristina. It was SO nice to have them there cheering us on since everyone else, including the race photographers, had cleared out because of the weather. That was the only disappointing part...that the weather made the end of the race kind of blah.

Will I run again, yes. Will I do another half marathon? Not likely. Unless it's to raise money (I was the #2 fundraiser for this event) and I won't even consider it until next year. But 5k's and 10k' problem!