Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goal Completed - 5K!

Last Saturday, during my second TNT group run, I completed my goal of running a 5K! I stopped a couple of times for a few seconds when my shins and calves were screaming but by the time I got into my 3rd mile my legs felt better. My pace is really slow...the walker on our team wasn't too far behind me! But every week my legs feel stronger so I have hope that my pace will be much faster by race time.
I've already learned two hard lessons - I must do a light stretch before running and I must be fully hydrated. If not, my calf muscles shut down...literally. And it's a pain I never want to feel again!

My breathing is getting easier..finally. It was weird to be so focused on something that should be natural but I guess running long distances isn't really natural. I look forward to the day that I can start my runs as easy as everyone else in my group does. But I keep reminding myself that they are all runners. Katherine and I are the only first-time runners, so it will take time for our bodies to get used to it. Our TNT team is great though...they all wait until the last person is back from the run and clap as we get to the home stretch. It's a nice supportive environment to be in as newbies.

As for the fundraising..which I thought would be the hardest part - I'm done! I met the minimum $1,400 and raised my goal to $2,000 and am almost there! Every dollar counts so I'm thrilled to be raising "extra" for the cause.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Private Turney

Ryan 'shipped' off to Ft. Jackson, SC for Army basic training on Monday, February 7th. It was the saddest day of my life...of my families lives. While we are so extremely proud of Ryan and of his enthusiasm to serve our really sucks having a birdy leave the nest and go so far away. What was really hard was not being able to hear from him, at all, for a few days. Until Michelle was able to hear his voice, and know that he had a warm bed and food, she felt lost. But she heard from him and he's doing just fine, has made some friends and is still very excited to be in the Army.

Soon Ryan will be able to send letters and receive letters and we'll all feel tons better. I can't wait until April when he graduates from basic -- I'll be in the audience the proudest Army aunt ever!!