Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I know it's January 31st and I'm just now getting around to the blog but things have been sooo busy since the holidays. With the Super Bowl coming to Cowboy Stadium, I've been consumed with that since by boss is hosting VIPs weekend. So many details to take care of that I just never considered!

Anyhoo. We're 7 days away from Ryan 'shipping' off to South Carolina for Army basic training. And I want to break down into tears every time I think about it. I wish I were home to spend as much time with him as possible but I realize that will just make it that much harder when he leaves. I swear I don't know how Michelle is feeling - but I'm a complete mess! So, so proud of him and happy that he is so excited. But I'm gonna miss the hell out of that smart-ass. :)

So, since the New's what I've been up to:

Got back into the world of online dating. A guy wrote to me before Christmas, we had been IMing since and met for lunch three weeks ago. In the three weeks since, he's been IMing me every morning and professing how much he really likes me and wants to get to know me better, and I've let him know that I would like that as well....but homey hasn't asked me out again or even asked for my number. So talk is cheap buddy. Next!

Katherine and I booked our weeklong trip to Italy! We're spending two nights in Rome, Florence and then Venice and I can not wait! I'll actually be in Rome for my birthday -- how awesome is that? I think I need to get myself an early Christmas present of a new wide-angle lens and new point-n-shoot for random fun snapshots. I better start learning conversational Italian!

Again with my partner in crime, Katherine, I'm training to run a HALF MARATHON!!! Yikes! With the Leukemia and Lymphona Society's Team in Training, we'll cross the finish line on May 1st. Since I started running before Christmas (with the C25K iPhone app) the thought of training for 13.1 miles doesn't make me that nervous. The scariest part is the fundraising...I have to raise $1,400 minimum by April 21st. So I'm hitting up everyone I know! If you'd like to donate, click on this link.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas came and went so fast! After the wild and crazy weekend in Dallas, I drove back to San Antonio with Mom, Dad, Michelle, the twins and Ella in dad's pilot. Let's just say my patience was TESTED on that drive. :)

We took Christy out for her birthday with her friends and had a great time. It was the first time that all 4 sisters were out a long time, maybe ever?

Christmas was lovely, as always. Santa did good and we spent the rest of the day playing the Just Dance 2 Wii game -- it was so much fun and a great workout. I see many Just Dance dance-off's in our future!