Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was, once again, wonderful. Ryan's absence could be felt by everyone but we were BLESSED to be able to Skype with Ryan on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning. It's amazing how far technology has come since my dad was in the Vietnam War.

Inner Athlete

Aside from running the 1/2 Marathon in May, and then running a 5k in December, I also decided to join an adult recreational volleyball league with my friend from work, Esmeralda. I was scared to death but she assured me it would be fun and that even though she also didn't know how to play she loved it.

She was right. I LOVED it. I was nervous before every game but the rush is a blast! It kind of makes me sad that I hated sports as a kid. Had I actually tried to play volleyball or run track, I might have made the team! Better late than never though!
I also joined Esmeralda in co-coaching her daughter's YMCA team and loved that just as much. Our girls are great and loved the team so much they want us to coach them again come April. Can't wait, I already miss not seeing the girls twice a week. Oh, and we took home the championship....that doesn't hurt either.

New Edition

On August 24th I became a Great Aunt when Marcus and his girlfriend, Valerie, became parents to Jayden Anthony Turney. He's a huge bundle of joy and everyone is in love with him! He's such a sweet baby and we can't imagine life without him!


After Ryan's graduation from AIT, he was sent to Ft. Lewis, Washington. We found out shortly thereafter that his unit was being deployed to Afghanistan sometime in November. He came home for his "block leave" right before October and we had an early family Thanksgiving with him. I drove home every weekend in November except for one, and I was thoroughly exhausted. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. Getting to spend time with Ryan was precious and being there when he PROPOSED to his girlfriend was priceless!

It was REALLY hard to send him off but Ryan wasn't worried or nervous so that put our minds at ease.

Playing Catch Up

Man....when I publish my 2011 blog into a book it's going to be skinny! It's funny how new technology (Facebook) totally distracts me from the outlet I loved in my Blog. I'm going to try and see if I can keep it going in 2012 since I love being able to turn my thoughts into a book to capture each year.

I've got a lot of catching up to here comes a flurry of posts!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I can't believe I haven't updated the blog since I ran my half marathon in May. That's also about how long it's been since I last ran! :)
After the run, my mind was focused on my trip to Italy with my friend Katherine. We were going to be there over my birthday and visited Rome, Florence, the Tuscany region and Venice. Having been to Venice for my Senior Trip in high school, I was most excited to see the Vatican in Rome and the Tuscany region.
After a stressful start (we didn't get to Boston in time to catch our flight to Rome due to the weather in Boston, then being redirected thru London) we arrived on our first night in time for dinner at the hotel. We didn't get to see the Colisseum (except as we rode past it in the car) but we arrrived in plenty of time for our tour of the Vatican which was the most important part. It was as beautiful as you imagined it could be.
Next up was Florence....a lovely town full of narrow cobblestoned streets. From Florence we took a day tour of Tuscany and stopped in Pisa to see the lovely Leaning Tower, a local cheese farm for an authentic Italian lunch and then a stop in Sienna and San Gimignano two medievil towns full of old world charm and LOTS of steep hills!
By the time we reached Venice we were pretty much exhausted from having to haul our luggage onto and off the train between cities. And it was unusually hot in Italy for that time of year. We worked off all of the gelato and wine from walking everywhere and just leaking pure sweat!
We walked over every part of Venice and didn't get lost once, which is a coup considering the map is VERY confusing and you can't count on street numbers to find your way around.
It was a wonderful birthday trip for me and now I can focus on visiting other new countries next year!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Half Marathon Finisher!!

After months of training, the big day finally came. And we had the worst weather for our first time out of the gate! It was cold, windy and wet. Luckily there was no lightening so the race continued as planned. Despite the elements, I was feeling really good! That is until I hit mile 8 and the race police literally made us stop and take cover because a hail storm was heading right for us. After 30 minutes of waiting the hail redirected and we were allowed to finish the race. Not so easy since our muscles had gotten cold and tight. But I finished about 3 hours and 3 minutes. I'm convinced had we not been stopped I could have finished under 3 hours, I was feeling that great.

My parents, Michelle and the twins were there along with Katherine's brother Erik and his girlfriend Anna and our friends JoHanna and Cristina. It was SO nice to have them there cheering us on since everyone else, including the race photographers, had cleared out because of the weather. That was the only disappointing part...that the weather made the end of the race kind of blah.

Will I run again, yes. Will I do another half marathon? Not likely. Unless it's to raise money (I was the #2 fundraiser for this event) and I won't even consider it until next year. But 5k's and 10k' problem!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Private Turney

Ryan graduated from basic training on April 21st. Mom, Dad and I flew to Columbia, SC to be there for Family Day which was on April 20th. Christy then came in time for the graduation ceremony. Because of work, Michelle was not able to attend.

The pomp and circumstance around the Family Day and Graduation was so emotional. I was over flowing with pride and love for my nephew, my hero.

Ryan stayed at Ft. Jackson for AIT, which is basically his job training for HR Specialist. He should learn soon where his first assignment will be and will get leave around the beginning of July. Can't wait to see him again!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday I ran 12 miles.

I know - WOW!

The Heels and Hills 1/2 marathon is 2 weeks away and after yesterday's training run, I am certain that I can run a 1/2 and still survive. I'll be walking slowly for a few days afterwards, but I will survive.

Through the leg aches, ice baths and learning how to breathe properly, I've become a runner. A slow runner, but a runner all the same. And that is something I never thought I'd say!