Friday, December 31, 2010

How 'bout them Cowboys!!

The pre-Christmas weekend continued with tickets to the Cowboys vs. Redskins game on December 19th. We checked out of GWL early and got home in time to change, pick up Rob and Dad and head over to the stadium. We had great seats and had so much fun. And the Cowboys won!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge Fun

As part of the kids Christmas from me, I took them to spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. I had heard the kids would have a blast, and they did! We spent hours at the indoor water park before having lunch, then going at it again. If I ever go back, I'm suiting up because those water slides looked like a blast!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The kiddos

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Another Thanksgiving went as quickly as it came, but this year we had two Army specialists joining the family as part of the Mission Thanksgiving program at Ft. Sam. These soldiers are in their job training program so recently completed basic training so we learned alot about Ryan will be going thru next year. It scared the crap out of all of us, but pumped Ryan up and he's even more excited to go.

What Happened to November?

Somehow this blog skipped the month of November! So I'll try to remember what happened of significance...

1. We all know that the Texas Rangers kicked the Yankee's butts, but then lost the World Series to the San Francisco Giants. Texas is still very proud of the Rangers and the great season they had.

2. My oldest nephew, Marcus, moved into an apartment with his friend and at the same time Ryan told his mom that he wanted to join the Army. Michelle had a hard time dealing with the fact that two of her babies were leaving the nest. But she made it thru. :) Ryan will leave for Basic Training in South Carolina in February and will remain there for his job training. This will be the first time a member of our family will be out of state..for, like, a long time. We are all so proud of Ryan, and are happy that he's so excited, but I won't lie. I'm gonna cry like a baby! I've already warned Ryan that I have a passport and will visit him every place he gets stationed!

3. I'm still in school but every day I want to be a beauty school dropout. My message to every kid who just graduated high school -- GO TO COLLEGE NOW!!! It totally sucks to have to study and do homework when you're mentally exhausted after a full day at work. So get that degree(s) when you still have no real obligations and have tons of energy!

4. December 1st was my first year in the townhouse. It's finally completely furnished. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Play Ball!

The Texas Rangers are in the American League Champioship Series with the New York Yankees, and I was given tickets for Game 1. So of course I called Christy and Rob so they could bring Jakob up for the game since Jakob loves baseball.

They pulled him out of school early, got off of work early and hauled butt up to Dallas on Friday night. The Rangers ended up losing in the last inning, but we had so much fun regardless.

They left the next morning as Christy had to get back home for a Scentsy party; so it was a quick visit. But it did my heart good. I love and miss my family so much!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Fun

Before the kids started school, Michelle and mom drove up with the twins to spend some time with me. Christy and Rob then joined us on Saturday afternoon. I rented a speed boat on Joe Pool Lake for all of us (minus mom...she happily stayed dry and at home, enjoying the peace and quiet.) and since this was my first time renting a boat -- and actually being on a boat -- I was nervous. But Rob played Captain and we had a blast.

joepoollake (40 of 1)

joepoollake (2 of 1)

joepoollake (7 of 1)

joepoollake (10 of 1)

joepoollake (11 of 1)

joepoollake (6 of 1)

joepoollake (16 of 1)

joepoollake (23 of 1)

joepoollake (32 of 1)

joepoollake (46 of 1)

joepoollake (50 of 1)

Some how, some way, I have GOT to get my own boat!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ohhh yeah!

Say hello to my new ride!!

Me and my cousin, David, the Finance Director at the dealership where I bought the Benz. I got such a great deal I practically HAD to get it. No, really, I mean that.

The days of going out without make-up on are over! LOL!

I really feel like a grown up now!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Father's Day, Cowboys Style

We've never really done anything different or exciting for Father's Day. But one day, on my way home, I heard about this Father's Day BBQ Luncheon being held at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington.

The whole famil1a came up for the weekend..that's right folks....14 people in my townhouse. Thank goodness for three bathrooms! I think we all thought we'd kill each other by the end of the weekend but we did just fine. Even when my uVerse in the living room died on Friday night.
Since we had never done anything this cool, we (me, Michelle and Christy) decided to keep it a secret from Dad and Rob. And somehow we were able to! We told them on Friday night once Christy and Rob arrived and they were so excited.

We were up bright and early on Saturday and didn't get home until 4pm. Our big plans to take the kids to Six Flags that evening went right out the window. I don't think any of us expected to be so exhausted.

I think Dad was in heaven. He's a lifelong Cowboys fan so to be on the turf that they play on, tossing a ball with his grandsons, was a dream come true. I got major brownie points for suggesting this gift! I'm not sure how we'll top this off next year, but we'll try!