Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Father's Day, Cowboys Style

We've never really done anything different or exciting for Father's Day. But one day, on my way home, I heard about this Father's Day BBQ Luncheon being held at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington.

The whole famil1a came up for the weekend..that's right folks....14 people in my townhouse. Thank goodness for three bathrooms! I think we all thought we'd kill each other by the end of the weekend but we did just fine. Even when my uVerse in the living room died on Friday night.
Since we had never done anything this cool, we (me, Michelle and Christy) decided to keep it a secret from Dad and Rob. And somehow we were able to! We told them on Friday night once Christy and Rob arrived and they were so excited.

We were up bright and early on Saturday and didn't get home until 4pm. Our big plans to take the kids to Six Flags that evening went right out the window. I don't think any of us expected to be so exhausted.

I think Dad was in heaven. He's a lifelong Cowboys fan so to be on the turf that they play on, tossing a ball with his grandsons, was a dream come true. I got major brownie points for suggesting this gift! I'm not sure how we'll top this off next year, but we'll try!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Time is literally flying and this blog is the unintended victim of "not enough time!" So let me catch you up on what happened during the month of June.

First, Ryan graduated from high school! I'm so proud of him, I hope that he puts his amazing talent for art, video production, comedy and acting to good use in his life. Second, Mom and Dad celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on June 6th, just a few days after Ryan's graduation. Since I was in town for the entire week we decided to throw a pool party to honor both celebrations.

Despite the horrible humidity on the day of the party, we had a fantastic time. We even surprised mom with an all-female mariachi group!