Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Already?

I can't believe it's May already. I say this all the time because it's true...time flies by much faster when you're an adult!

Not a whole lot has been going on in my world. I took the semester off from school to focus on my new job. And that is going really well. But I love not having to worry about homework and's gonna take some real motivation to go back to school in the summer!

The only thing I have been doing lately is taking pictures for friends. Some recent Senior Pics might be bringing me some more business which is cool. I recently agreed to photograph the wedding of my friend's father. I don't do weddings...too stressful for the photographer and I don't have the proper lighting equipment. But this was a 2nd wedding for the bride and groom, and this friend is like a sister to me, so I did it. I got enough nice shots to be pleased with my work. Then, like a good little boy, my cousin's baby boy was born a few days before I arrived into town. So I got to meet him and take some newborn pics. I'll get to take more pics of him and his parents when I go home for Memorial Day.

So that's about it.... well, I am trying again to lose weight. But I won't talk about it until I start to see results. Suffice it to say, I'm on a program offered thru my doctor. It was expensive...this shit better work!

I'll leave you with a a picture of my newest cousin. Such an angel!