Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks

I'm so behind on the blog, sorry! Since I just got home from the Thanksgiving holiday I'll start here and just recap on the few things since October in another post.

So... the day I was to fly home for Thanksgiving, my illness had not gotten any better (I went to the doctor the week before having come back from NYC feeling sick) even with an antibiotic. Luckily my doctor was still in the office and had some openings and I found out over my lunch break that I had bronchitis. Four prescriptions and $90 later, my doc suggested that I not fly but drive instead. So I rushed to find a ride home that afternoon and had already made arrangements to drive home on Sunday as a Plan B (in case I opted not to fly) so Plan B kicked in and I got to SA by 7pm on Tuesday.

As soon as I got home I was ushered off to the movie theater with Michelle, Jamie, Grace the twins and Jakob to see New Moon. Luckily my meds were working quickly and I was well enough to sit down for a movie after a 4.5 hour drive. Loved the movie...can't wait for the next one..and now I want to read the Twilight series all over again!

Early the next morning Michelle, Christy, Rob and I got up early to take the kids to La Villita for a photo shoot. The kids needed new pictures for their modeling composite cards and we wanted to get outdoors before the light got too bright. After 2 hours of begging and conjoling the kids into decent expressions, we had lunch at Cheezy Jane's. I even enjoyed the taste of a strawberry/banana shake. Yum!








The next several days were spent hanging with the family and Grace, even got to see Mr. Darcy and Winston, and figuring out what all the kids wanted for Christmas. Thanksgiving lunch was held again at Christy's house and everyone was there except for Marcus who as usual had the Noon-4:00 p.m. shift at the movie theater so he ate later. A couple of hours later, we were back at home lounging around watching TV. Michelle, Jamie and I tried to do some midnight shopping at Toys R Us but when we saw the line we high tailed it back home!









The only "black Friday" item I actually did score on Friday was an 8 gig compact flash memory card for only $20 from Office Depot! My photography friends can appreciate that deal.

I'm home now...after 5 days sleeping on a sleeper sofa and/or the twins' bed it's good to be in my own bed and in my own home.

I have a crazy, busy week coming up. Should be closing on the townhouse on Tuesday and finishing up packing for the move this coming Sunday. Plus I have a quiz to complete for school before Saturday. And I'm still recovering from bronchitis so I hope all of this busy-ness doesn't run my immune system down anymore. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I guess I should end with what I'm THANKFUL for: my family and their health, my job, my friends...past, present and future, my extended family, and the fact that Dallas is only a 4 hour drive from "home."