Thursday, October 15, 2009


On October 3rd I sent the following note to every female whose email address I had on my iPhone:

I was catching up on my Oprah shows this beautiful Saturday morning and came upon the show depicting the true life stories chronicled in the new book, Half the Sky.

You think you have problems? You would feel silly like I do by listening to the struggles of these women from third world countries who made their dreams come true....getting an education, feeding their children...things we in the U.S. take for granted. Not that some of our own don't struggle, don't get me wrong...but women in these countries are born into a life of serving men. That's it. No education, no rights at all, no dreams.

Through tears I have been motivated to support a rape victim in the Congo. For $27 a month I'll be providing my new "sister" with education, trauma counseling,women's rights training, and job skills. Even better, we get to be pen pals and as an Oprah show viewer shared, these women cling to the letters like they are their most prized possesions!

I am about to be a homeowner again and I need to save every penny. But I easily spent $27 this week going out to lunch! $27 means the world to these women and I feel very selfish for spending that money on lunch when I could have easily packed a sandwich!!!

I hope you will join me in the support of women half a world away. You don't have to sponsor, there are other ways to help. Please visit to learn how you too can help!

Also, through November 15, any donation made to Women for Women International will be matched. So please don't delay!!

And if a woman from Africa, who was married at 11 and had 3 kids by the time she was 18, could make her dreams come true and come to America and get her bachelor's degree, then her master's, ALL while working 2 jobs, raising 5 kids and caring for her HIV positive can I. Oh, and this same woman is now working towards her PhD!!! This is just another example of what we take for granted. The right to an education. So I'm going to get off my ass and go back to school. It might take me a long time to finish, but I will. One class at a time, right?

I am happy to report that I'm set up with Women for Women International and am just waiting on my informational packet about my new "sister". And, I've submitted my application to the University of the Incarnate Word's online program. If all goes well, I will be a college student again on Monday, October 19th! For the first time ever, I am actually excited about going to school. I hope to graduate before or with my oldest nephew!