Monday, August 10, 2009

Annual SPI Trip - 2009 edition

So on July 13-15, I headed to South Padre Island with Christy, Rob, Michelle, Jamie, Michael, Ethan, Isaiah, Jakob and Ella for our annual family beach trip. We stayed in a nice 2 bedroom condo (yes...all of us in a two bedroom condo...thank goodness for a sleeper sofa and twin beds pushed together!) right on the beach that had a lovely pool area (despite the weird warm water...darn sun!).

Christy and I spent most of our time reading (I was finishing up New Moon and she was starting Breaking Dawn -- we're hooked on the Twilight saga!) and the kids of course were in the water the whole time.

We had so much fun...Rob spoiled us with breakfast every morning and we played cards at night and just laughed a lot.

We love South Padre Island but about 3 weeks after our trip a girl was bitten by a shark on a sandbar (which isn't really far from shore) so I'm pretty sure Michelle will never allow her kids to step foot in the ocean again..we might have to come up with a new annual vacation spot!