Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feels like time for an update post, to catch you up on a few little tidbits in my life:

I'm so excited...booked my flight to Seattle in September. This will be trip #3 on the "U.S. City Tour 2009". Trip #2 is coming up over 4th of July weekend when I meet up with my high school buds, Tracie and Dianne, and we celebrate our collective 40th birthdays. So if you have any suggestions for "must-do" things in Chicago, please share. Seattle will be a quick trip, we'll fly up on Friday night and I return home on Sunday morning (Katherine will be sailing off on an Alaskan cruise that afternoon -- jealous!!) so really I'll only have one day in Seattle. It'll be a fast and furious day of sightseeing but I'm up for the challenge!

Urban living...yeah, not for me. I have found that I really could care less that there are a few bars and restaurants within walking distance to my apartment. I have found that it's really noisy at night DURING the week and not just on weekends when you expect to hear cars screeching and drunk people shouting on the street. I have found that young drunk people coming back to their apartment from the pool at 1am on a work night don't realize that it's not cool to take pictures and try to act like a ballerina right outside of my door. They also don't realize how close I came to opening my door and smacking them upside the head! So, when my lease is up in December I will either have moved into a townhouse that I bought, or I'll find another apartment community that is in a quieter area!

Netflix...figured I would try it since there isn't a video store that's within walking distance. I really, really like it! I picked the "one movie at a time, unlimited monthly" option and I'm so getting my money's worth! Just watching 2 movies in a month would equal the monthly fee, but I can fit in about 8 movies a month, especially now that all of my TV shows are on summer hiatus, so I'm really saving money this way.

The strike. It's still hanging over our heads. The latest rumor is that it will happen in August, when another region's contract expires and they all walk out simultaneously. At this point I could care less. I have no trips planned in August so it won't hurt my feelings. I would just be really pissed if it lasted longer than a month and it interfered with my trip to Seattle in September!

Humidity. It's evil and will be the death of me! It's so humid that I can't even walk to work like I wanted to. By the time I'd get to the building I'd be a hot mess and would be in a pissy mood. When I took my first "house hunting trip" to Dallas last summer I could tell the humidity was worse, but couldn't figure out why since Dallas is further north than SA. Well, now I know. It's all these damn lakes around here!

I tried "hot yoga" last night. I hadn't attempted yoga in over 10 years so I knew that it would be difficult, and I was prepared to be a sweaty mess, but this instructor was going so fast, by the time I was in one pose, they were onto another one. Needless to say, I was confused the whole time. And my knees hurt, either I get a thicker yoga mat or I take knee pads to class! I can see the benefits of yoga - all of the women in there had defined arms, shoulders and backs and were so limber and had great balance. But I won't go back to that particular place. I need a beginners only yoga class. One that focuses on teaching the poses and doesn't dwell so much on the meditation part of it. I'm not really into the "let your breath reach down into your pelvis" mantra and if I lie still on my back, I'm gonna fall asleep, not meditate!