Monday, March 23, 2009

I gave birth a kidney stone!

Two nights after returning from NYC, I went to Houlihan's with Jamie, Michelle, Grace, my cousins Mandy and Chris (and his sister who just flew in from NYC) and friend Diana, to celebrate Michelle's b-day which was on March 1st. All was well at first, and I was feeling cute and actually wanted to go out. I was sipping on the massive drink I ordered and chatting when I felt the need to use the potty. Not wanting to break the seal (for us girls, once we go potty when we're drinking we have to keep going) I tried to hold it. But then it got to the point that I was feeling bloated and I had this odd sensation on my right side, at my waist. So I figured I'd better go relieve myself. As soon as I sat on the toilet, the odd sensation turned into a horrible pain and it just got worse and worse. Thinking maybe I just had gas or a really upset stomach, I sat there to see if anything else needed to come out (sorry for being graphic!). After what seemed like forever and the pain getting worse I started praying for one of my sisters to come check on me because I was afraid to stand up. Finally Jamie came in and I told her I had to leave, that something was wrong. And at this point I started to feel like I was going to throw up so I was afraid to leave the bathroom. We walked out and I immediately told everyone that I was sorry but that I had to leave. Because I was holding onto my right side for dear life, my cousin-in-law Chris asked where the pain was and when I showed him he said "it's probably a kidney stone." I said "what do I do for that?" and he said "drink lots of water". So I tell Michelle to grab my purse and I make a mad dash for the door because the throwing up sensation is getting worse. No sooner than I make it outside and to the grass, I'm tossing my cookies. I get in the back seat and the plan was to take me home and to give me some pain killers. On the drive I could not get comfortable and I'm tossing and turning in the back seat, switching from laying down to sitting up, complaining of sweating, then of being cold when Michelle rolls the window down. I'm trying not to scream and cry so I'm moaning and as we get to within a few minutes of being home Michelle could tell the pain was getting worse. So we opted to head to the emergency room to be safe -- when you're in pain, and panicking over your sister's pain, you forget what side the appendix is on and Michelle was afraid it was my apendix. So Michelle speeds towards the emergency room, running red lights because they weren't changing fast enough. When we get there and I stand up..the pain subsided a little. But I have to potty again and I'm dehydrated. So Michelle signs me in, Jamie gets me a bottle of water and I head to the bathroom. Again, as soon as I tinkle the pain gets worse. So I'm trying to sit in the waiting room, sipping on water but the pain is so bad I start to slink down in my chair. There were only 2 other people in the emergency room and no one was coming to check on me so Michelle was about to reenact the scene from "Terms of Endearment" when the mom yells at the nurse's "give my daughter her pain medicine!!"

As we sat and waited for what seems like forever, the pain started to ease up. And then it disappeared all together. I told Michelle I felt stupid to see the ER doc now, but she told me it was better to get checked out while we were there because the pain could come back later. So I get called into triage and explain what happened. Gave a urine and blood sample and change into a gown and wait. The doc comes in and says it sounds like a kidney stone so they are going to do a CT scan. The doc comes in after the CT scan and says that the stone must have been small because I passed it already. When I ask what causes a stone and could I get more, he said not likely since it was a little one and that a calcium deposit in my kidney, and not enough water to flush it out, is what causes it. He asked if I had been eating a lot of calcium rich foods or drinking a lot of milk. I told him I had not, but that I started back on my vitamin's in January and started taking an extra calcium pill (for my bones) and had not been drinking as much water as I usually do. So he felt that was the culprit. He sent me home with a prescription for a mild urinary tract infection and that was that. The paperwork he left with me said that the pain I felt was a spasm...moving the kidney stone to my bladder and that once the stone is in the bladder, the pain goes away. So I must have passed the stone when I gave the urine sample (but it missed the girls know how sometimes you can't gauge where to put the cup until you've already started to tinkle and then you don't capture enough in the cup!). The next day I was fine, but felt a little bruised at my side and my mom said her gallbladder stones gave her the same feeling the day after her spasms.

I've felt perfectly fine since, except that now I'm paranoid and every little pinch I feel on my side scares me. And I've been peeing like a pregnant woman because I'm a water drinking fool now! I NEVER want to go thru that pain again.

I was told by a friend who has kids and had a kidney stone that the kidney stone is worse than I'm saying that I birthed a stone!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Big Apple

Sorry for taking so long to blog, I've been feeling lazy, plus Facebook takes up all my attention!

NYC was a lot of fun. We only had one day of sun and dry weather (Sunday) but the drizzle and cold temps didn't stop us from walking all over Manhattan. Thank God for good tennis shoes! The temperature never really got too cold for us. I wore my coat once, but with all the walking we were doing, I could have done without it. The only time we really froze our asses off was our second night (Sunday) when we took the evening sightseeing tour. We went straight from our being out and about, but I had packed our scarfs and gloves in my messenger bag. All was just fine until the bus started to head toward the Brooklyn Bridge...and we were sitting on the top deck, with no cover! Being over freezing water, at night, with high winds, is freakin' cold! The boys were being troopers, never acting like they were uncomfortable, but Jamie and I were all huddled up!

The only celebrity we saw was Mario Lopez, he was filming something for his new gig at Extra. He looked over at us and winked...his dimples could be seen miles away! We also saw that Cowboy dude who hangs around Times Square in his tighty whities --- he wasn't out when it was drizzling, only when the sun was out -- what a wuss! Jamie swears she saw one of the Olsen twins but I think she just saw some skinny girl in big black sunglasses.

The boys were not at all excited about going to see an off-Broadway musical, In The Heights. But they quickly changed their minds and had so much fun that they were asking why I didn't get us tickets to see The Lion King as well.

Our travel back home was not fun, flights were delayed because of fog in NYC and in Houston, which caused us to miss our connection, and instead of staying overnight in a hotel in Houston to catch an early flight the next morning, I opted to rent a one-way car and just drive us the 3 hours home. You know how you're just tired and anxious to get home after a trip? That was me, so we pulled up to my parent's house at 3am completely exhausted. But it sure beat the alternative!

Here are just a few pics from the trip. Despite the yucky weather, I took a lot of pics. And I just love my new Canon rocks!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heading to the Big Apple!

I am so tired right now. I haven't been able to get any good sleep this week, I think I was getting anxious about the trip to New York City with Jamie, Ryan and Michael. Last night I was up until 1am! And then I kept waking up...someone was arguing on the street below me, I'm guessing a couple who were starting their weekend early. So I dragged out of bed this morning and am drinking lots of caffeine in an effort to wake up before I hit the road around 3pm.

I am very excited about going to NYC. I've only been once, about 10 years ago, and only over a long weekend so there's SO much I want to do. I booked us on the double-decker bus tour so we're gonna see it all. I just hope the boys have fun. Michelle, the twins and Marcus were going to come too, but with Michelle being laid off last December (at press time, Michelle starts her new job on Monday, yay!) she felt it best to save her money, and Marcus needs to work during spring break to get ready for his first car payment.

I'm staying in SA for a few days when we get back so I can snuggle with the twinkies, hang out with Grace and just really chill out, oh and take Senior pics of Marcus.

Speaking of pics....remember the photo shoot of the twins in which I was brutally stung by a bee? Well, unbeknownst to me, Michelle was taking "behind the scenes" pictures. And this picture was taken about 3 minutes after I was stung. See how professional I am? I kept on working even though I wanted to cry in pain!

I must say, my ass isn't as flat as a pancake as I thought it was!!