Friday, November 21, 2008

Lisa and the City

Check out my new apartment!!

The zebra print shower curtain I got will go great with that apple green tile!

View from the living room, which looks small but you can't see the dining area in this pic

Street view

I never wanted to be an "urban dweller" but I fell in love with the building, the apartment is oh so cute, and there's a 24 hour doorman so I feel super safe. So I figured, if the move is a new chapter in my life, I might as well try a new lifestyle and see how I like it. Plus it's 2.5 blocks from work so I'll get plenty of exercise (plus they have an 1800 sq. ft gym!) and I'm not far from the highway for my drives back home to see my family. I'm signing my lease tomorrow and my household goods are being delivered on Monday, but I'm still not "officially" moving from SA until January 11.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can - Yes We Did!!

What a night. My father predicted we would know by 10pm CST who the winner was and he was right. We are all so emotional...making phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, crying and cheering.

What a great night for all Americans.

What a great night for Hope.

October Update

Man, October flew by. To recap the month...

Michael turned 15 on October 13th, Marcus turned 18 on October 27th and voted in the presidential election for the first time, and Christy and Rob celebrated 10 years of marriage on Halloween.

Football season is in full swing and the Judson Jr. Rocket "Midget" team are undefeated and about to enter into the playoff's. This is the second playoff season for the Ethan, Isaiah and Jakob and we are so proud of them. I'm also very proud of Christy and Michelle, for not having a panic attack when their babies get tackled. The boys are proving themselves to be very tough! Jakob ran the ball twice and took getting tackled like a man, we were so excited for him since he typically plays defensive line. Most of the lineman on the opposite of Jakob are 3 times bigger than him but he's either gotten around them quickly or didn't let them knock him down. Ethan and Isaiah both play defensive's neat to see them on either end of the field. Isaiah had an interception and came THIS close to a defensive touchdown. Ethan ran the ball on offense last week and also came THIS close to a touchdown. They've been very good at tackling, even listening to big brother Marcus' advice when their opponents are much bigger and taller and they have to tackle at the feet instead of higher up. Here are just a few of the pics I've taken.

Ella giving Popo some sugar

Ethan and Isaiah before a game

Ethan on the line

Twins heading to the field


Isaiah playing with a grape


Ethan making a tackle

Ethan recovering a fumble

Jakob on the sideline with Coach Dad

Isaiah's interception return

When the boys had a bi-week, meaning no game for the weekend, we took advantage of it and drove up to Fredericksburg for the weekend. From there we went to Enchanted Rock to climb and eat s'mores. We didn't plan far enough in advance so all the campsites were booked and we were left using a picnic area and grill for the s'mores. Anytime we needed more flames we just doused the grill with more gas, and the kids got a kick out of that. We also had no flashlight so our picnic was rushed because we literally could not see, it was so dark out. We had a blast and want to go back when we can secure a campground spot and have enough light to climb to the top of the Rock and back.

Pumpkins galore

Michael, too cool for school

Isaiah, chillin out

Ethan and Jakob on the rock

Ella using some kind of veggie at the pumpkin patch as a microphone. She was singing Demi Lavato's song from "Camp Rock". Demi is our step-cousin and Ella's idol!