Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I miss

I still am not sad about selling my house, but here are some things I really DO miss about it:

1. My garage. When I moved into my house and got a garage door opener a few weeks later, I thought the opener was the best invention ever! I was wrong. The garage itself is the best invention ever. My parents don't have a garage or a carport so my car is out in the elements and is constantly dirty... bird poop, dust, leaves stuck in the windshield wiper, ugh!

2. My kitchen. I know, I know "how can you miss a kitchen you hardly used?" Well, I do! I miss my counter space (my poor mother has NONE, I don't know how she's not done something about this in 21 years), my fridge, my pantry, my plates and my cups.

3. My closet. Thank goodness for the clothes rack that I bought...but it's just not doing the trick. It's big and bulky, taking up what little room I have and it's not very sturdy. I'm constantly worried that the poles will come unlocked and my clothes will go tumbling to the floor.

4. My toilet. 5 boys live in this house...'nuff said.

5. My clothes-drying rack. Sounds strange, I know. But when you are used to having a nice rack to lay the items that must be air dried miss it. You realize it when you wear a sweater to work that has two "hangar humps" on the shoulders!

6. My dogs. I walk the dogs with Grace at the park from time to time and I enjoy seeing them. But I don't get to sit on the couch and snuggle with them. My mom's dog, Cody, a pekingnese, likes to cuddle but he has allergies and is constantly sneezing in your face, which is gross. And Michelle's puppy, Brody, a mini schnauzer,(yes, there is a Cody and Brody in this about confusing!) is too hyper to snuggle with, he just wants to chew on your hand and his baby teeth are sharp!

7. Grace. I do miss my roomie. Seeing her every now and then for dog walks and dinner is not the same. I've always though that when I meet The One, I'll have a hard time adjusting to being part of a couple but I don't think I will. We had a routine; we learned to share the washer and dryer, fridge, garage and the living space and we even learned to give each other space when we had a tiff or the other person was just in a bad mood. The only thing we didn't share was a bed and bathroom. And I'm learning to share those now with Michelle and her boys. I've been at my parents house for 5 weeks now and the only time I slept in bed alone was for 2 days when I was sick. And the twins are just 8 but they take up a full side of the bed with all their tossing and turning. I might be more ready for a partner than I thought!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


As of today, I am credit card and debt free!!!!

Except for my car, and let's face it..I'll always have a car payment! For this freedom, I thank my job for relocating to Dallas because I was forced to sell my house and from that came the equity which was used to pay off my debts. Had I opted to stay in San Antonio and not not sold my house, I'd be working to pay off said debt for many years to come.

You won't get a number from me, but suffice it to say that it was not a low number for a single person. Good credit and someone who hadn't learned how to control herself yet, does not make for a good combination. But I have learned the lesson and just in time with all the crap happening to the economy. I will pay cash from here on out and now I just need to learn the Dave Ramsey way of spending and saving (Christy, will you give me a quick lesson?) so that I never find myself in any kind of debt again.

I can't explain the feeling other than to say I feel liberated. And I can't get George Michael's song "Freedom" out of my head!