Monday, September 29, 2008


As of yesterday, I am homeless. The closing on my house should have commenced earlier today. It's kind of weird not being involved, the relocation company plays middle man and just hands my equity over when it's all said and done. I guess it's one less thing on my plate so I'm grateful but it's still weird. It was especially weird when, in the midst of being packed up, a strange man walks into my kitchen. I looked like all kinds of crap so he said "are you with the movers or are you the homeowner?" Turns out he was the realtor for the buyer and he thought the closing was the next day, Friday, and he and the new homeowner wanted to do a final walk-thru. After the main-mover-guy assured me that it was fine with him and his crew and that it was just best to get it over with, I let them in. The homeowner also wanted to show his older daughters the house since they hadn't seen it yet. The new homeowner didn't look like someone who just put down a huge sum of money on the house, he had a sleeveless t-shirt on, big tattoo on his arm, older guy with alcohol on his breathe. But he couldn't have been nicer. He gave me a big hug and told me that he just fell in love with the house and that he would take good care of it. He was particularly fond of my covered patio and plans to spend a lot of time back there BBQing for his wife, daughters and new baby grandson. As he did the walk-thru I visited with the daughters who were jealous that their 16 yr old sister got to live there. They were very sweet and when I joked that if they saw me driving by it was purely out of habit and not that I was checking on my house, but if I saw BBQ smoke, I was gonna stop by for a bite, they laughed and said "you should, anytime!"

I'm very happy to know that another family is going to enjoy my house as much as I have. Lots and lots of memories were made there. Lots of laughter and tears, fun times and bad times but mostly fun.

I still haven't felt sad about selling my home. Even as I stood in the living room yesterday after clearing out the last item (a desk going to Goodwill) and said my goodbyes...nothing. No sadness, no tears. Only exhaustion. I have never felt so tired to the bone as I have over these past couple of days. Thank heavens for movers. Just cleaning out 8 years of clutter and getting my necesseties for the next 3 months over to my mom's house was tiring enough, if I had to also pack up my house I would have killed someone.

So now I have to adjust to living with the folks again, which as anyone who's ever had to move back home knows, is not easy. Plus with Michelle and her boys there I have to figure out a way to get some kind of peace and quiet. The twins have decided that they will take turns sleeping with me and last night as I tried to watch my Sunday shows (Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters), Ethan was right on top of me....asking too many questions about the shows. Maybe Michelle was right when she said "three months of all of us and you'll be dying to move to Dallas!"