Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dallas Update

First, I opted out of the contract on the townhome in Richardson. An offer was made on my house (yipee!) and I was afraid the timing of that close, would affect the close on the townhome. Plus..I was still feeling like I needed to wait a little longer..to have better bargaining power on the sale price and for this townhome, I offered the asking price because of the competing bid. So I wasn't feeling like I got a deal in this buyers market. So, back to looking for an apartment.

Because of the offer on my house, and since I wanted to be out of my house by the end of September anyway, I held a moving sale to get rid of 8 years worth of stuff that I didn't need. I took off last Friday afternoon to pick up the tables I rented and to get stuff into the garage and tagged with a price. It felt like Christmas almost...Grace would pull out a box from a kitchen cabinet and say "what's this?" and I'd be like "I dunno..open it". Apparently I'm a sucker for buying Pampered Chef and Southern Living Home when someone holds a catalog party and I bought stuff that I didn't even remember buying! So after hours of setting up, I crawl into bed at almost 2am, sore as I have never been before (apparently, standing on concrete for hours is not good for the bones) and crashed. (I also had a "preview" for some people and sold almost $100 that first night!)

Saturday morning I wake up to attend the boys first football game of the season...they are playing tackle this year. They kicked booty, Ethan had an amazing, come-from-behind, tackle (Isaiah had strep throat so he was out for the game), Jakob was his usual enthusiastic self and did great trying to block kids much bigger than him, and we sat in the stands sweating our asses off. I didn't take any pics because I was too tired to mess with it, but I'll be there this coming Saturday with my zoom lens to get the action shots!

The garage sale was a huge success...in total I sold almost $350 and got rid of a bunch of stuff. I only have a little bit of stuff left that will go to a charity. But now my house looks really bare. And it's kind of sad. But I've been too focused on selling stuff on Craigslist, clearing out and throwing clutter, to actually feel emotional. I'm just feeling exhausted. I think once my house is packed (9/25) and moved (9/26) and I'm cleaning up my empty house, I'll have a good cry then. It's still surreal that I'm leaving. This next chapter in my life is not one I would have ever seen coming...

Here are pics from the garage sale. That's part of a costume that my dad and Isaiah are wearing...... now I know where I get my silly side from!


Christy said...

I think I wore that costume hat to a Halloween party one time! Funny! I hope you sold a lot of stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! When God closes a door He opens a window. This is a great opportunity for you to renew yourself and life. As time goes by, we all change and getting a new place with new things is exciting. When I moved to Arlington from San Antonio with my job, I stored everything I had and bought "new" up there and was glad.When you get a new home, you want new things to represent the new you! There are bargains out there also as you know so you dont have to go in debt to start fresh! How exciting! The Metroplex is fun and alot to do! Enjoy life as it unfolds.San Antonio is ONLY 4 hours away and $39 each way on Southwest. Dont worry!!! XOXO Shelly