Monday, August 25, 2008

My new place?

The positive side to relocating quickly (had I been one of the people who had to be in Dallas by September) is that you know what you are dealing with and how quickly you need to act. Sell the house, find a new house, make an offer, badda bing badda bam..move in.

What's positive about not having to move so quickly is that you have time to sell off un-needed things and to hang around the family you are leaving behind a little while longer.

What really sucks about not having to move so quickly is that you have way too much time to dwell on the situation. And if you know me, you know I dwell on things.

Should I buy? Yes, don't wanna miss out on the company paying your closing costs on the new home! But where do I wanna live? Maybe I should rent so I have time to find the perfect location? Sounds good too! Oh, but this really cute townhome in Richardson that my realtor showed me is being given an offer TODAY and if I want a shot at it, I have to submit a competing offer THIS AFTERNOON??? But I didn't bring my paperwork with me to Dallas this past weekend, after all I was just supposed to shop for an apartment. Oh, I know! I'll ask Grace to get into my computer and forward it to me!!

And of yesterday, I'm officially under contract for a new townhome in Richardson. If all goes well, I will close at the end of September and it will remain Lisa-less until I officially move at the end of December or early January. Yep...I won't be able to save money while living with Christy and Rob because I'll have a mortgage in Richardson! Oh well....small sacrifices to get something in a great location for a great price.

Here's a pic of the new digs....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dallas Update

Sorry I've haven't blogged in a while. There really was just nothing new to report except that I hadn't been able to sleep in what seems like forever. I've been waiting to hear back on my home appraisals because the highest number would be what my company would offer me should I not sell the house on my own. And I can take that offer as soon as 30 days from listing (which would be 8/25) so all I've been thinking and worrying about is that number. If it's low I'll be pressured to keep my house on the market longer to get as close to my listing price. If the appraisal is close to my listing price and I haven't had a bite in 30 days, I could take the offer, stay with Christy and Rob until I move (oh yeah...Christy, if you're reading this...can I stay with you until I move?! LOL) and save money on my mortgage or, if I'm really wanting to claim the townhome that I saw in McKinney I would be free to make a bid and close on it while still in SA. I wouldn't be able to do that until I sold my house/took the offer because, obviously, I can't make two mortgage payments at a time.'s been a bunch of me falling asleep but not STAYING asleep and tossing and turning and having a recurring dream about a home not being claimed and being up for grabs but not being able to do anything about it.

This past Thursday the exhaustion from not sleeping finally got to me while I was at work. When I'm physically exhausted I start to get ancy...irritable, fidgety, itchy and just uncomfortable. I was supposed to workout with my trainer and I thought I'd "wake up" once I got there but I was literally a mess and decided to go home. I had Friday scheduled off because we were supposed to go to South Padre Island with the kids but the hurricane closed the island down. I still kept the day off figuring I needed a day off and boy am I glad I did. I woke up, took the dogs to the groomer (who keeps them all day, it's like doggy daycare!), had a massage, went home to shower then slept all afternoon. It felt wonderful. I later went to the boys football practice and that's where I got the call from my relocation consultant.

He called at almost 7pm to let me know that my appraisals came back in. They both came in at the same number and it was only $5,000 less than what I'm listing my house at which is fantastic news!! I was so thankful he called me instead of making me wait two more days. Now that I know what I'm working with I hope to sleep much, much better.