Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well, I just got back from my first weekend "house hunting" trip to Dallas. I drove up on Friday afternoon with my friend and coworker, Katherine. We will have to go up again, one or two more times, to check out some other areas now that our realtor knows what areas are "no no's" ...meaning they are Verizon territory and we can't get our AT&T products and concessions.

Dallas felt much hotter than SA, which just doesn't make sense since they are north and get real winters. Or maybe it's that we spent an entire day driving around and going in and out of homes, and normally we'd keep our happy asses inside of the a/c all day.

Good news...we found a lovely town (McKinney) that has several locations with lovely properties within our price range so we won't have to live in the ghetto (though the first property we saw almost made us cry, it was just horrible.)

Bad news...the trip ended on a bad note. The roof of my CR-V was almost torn off by a McDonald's truck driver! He was parked in the lane that led to the highway. Katherine was driving and as we got past the front cab, he takes off towards the McD's...with his "load" at an angle heading toward my car. Kat slams on the brake and honks. When he stops, she starts to reverse because now there was no where for us to go but backwards, and then all of a sudden the asshole starts to move forward again and came THIS close to the corner of my windshield...the front left of my baby was under his truck!! Kat slams on the horn again and when he stops she quickly backs out before he starts up again. The kicker? He's looking at her like SHE is in the wrong! Fuckin' idiot!! Had we not been in a panic, I would have had her jump to the passenger side (I was in the back seat about to spread out for a nap) and we could have hopped out of the car and LET him crash into my car. I would have sued McD's pants off and maybe then I'd have been able to afford a house 1 mile from my new work location!

This trip also taught me that once you list your house (tomorrow!) it is no longer yours. You have to be prepared EVERY day for strangers to walk in and you have to be prepared at a moment's notice for them. My house will never look so clean....

Funny thing. On our way up to Dallas we stopped for BBQ. In the bathroom they had this. Interesting, right?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dad/Dallas Update

My father is recovering very well, thank you sweet baby Jesus! He came home last Sunday afternoon and aside from naseau from the new meds, he's feeling great. He has a little walker to help him get around and a nurse that comes to visit 3x a week for home therapy. My mom might need her own version of therapy after it's all said and done, but she's doing her best to be Dad's nurse. All of your thoughts, well wishes and prayers have certainly been heard and felt by my entire family and we thank you.

Dallas...I don't know how anyone expects me to concentrate on work when all I can think about is whether to take advantage of free closing costs on a new residence, and if so do I get a home or a condo?-- but condo's have ridiculous monthly homeowner association fees and reselling it might be tough--but the only neighborhoods I can afford in Dallas are of the not-so-desirable areas--maybe some decent areas will have a bunch of foreclosures available?--or maybe I should just say "screw it" and live in an apartment--but I don't want to pay mortgage prices for something the size of my closet.

See what I mean? No concentration is being had over here. Plus I can't sleep, not even with the assistance of a glass of wine! And I've been so busy getting my house ready to present to what I hope will be a buttload of potential buyers that I'm physically exhausted.

Calgon take me away!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The longest week of my life

If you read my sister's blog, you know that my father had a heart attack last Saturday afternoon while at the movies with my mother. If you didn't know can read her post to get the details because I'm too tired to type them all out.

What's important is that a week later, my father is in his private room at the hospital and is recovering well. His thorasic surgeon (I'm not sure of the spelling, it's the doc who performed the beating heart triple bypass) told my dad that he wanted to make him his poster child because he is recovering so well and so fast. Given the fact that my father has had diabetes for somewhere near 27 years, his recovery should have had some bumps in the road. But my father is a fighter. His heart did stop in the ambulance but they revived him easily. He knew it wasn't his time to go. He said he wants to see all of his babies included! Damn, this means I need to go back to school.

There were so many blessings with this whole scary event. First, mom and dad were in a public place, and Dad, though he doesn't remember anything except being at the movies, had the presence of mind when the attack started, to get up and walk out of that theater...and he was sitting at the very top. My nephew, Marcus, was at work at the theater, he had just clocked in, and was standing right outside the theater when my mom came out holding onto my dad. Mom, Marcus and about 4 other people called 911 right away. The Schertz Ambulance arrived very quickly and worked very hard to stabilize him, they also took good care of my mom. The SICU Nurses at NE Methodist are wonderful and took great care of my father...explaining everything that happened, keeping his spirits up and overlooking the fact that we were breaking the "2 visitors at a time" rule every single day. The cardiac doctor and thorasic surgeon did God's work keeping my dad stable and getting his heart working again. Michelle's coworkers sent Jason's Deli on the day of my dad's surgery which was a huge blessing and fed the whole lot of us (about 15 people) who were there waiting. My dad's brothers, cousins and friends visited daily...keeping my mom company while in the waiting room and keeping my dad laughing before and after the surgery. My father is loved by so many people, it made my heart smile everytime I saw people pouring into the hospital to see him. And my many friends who asked me daily how my dad was doing and kept him in their prayers.

No, my moving to Dallas had nothing to do with his heart attack. :)

Yes, now that this has happened, it makes it harder for me to move. But my mom, sisters, brother-in-law and older nephews will be with him, watching him like a hawk.

Please say a prayer for his continued recovery, and be grateful for every day you have with your loved ones. We all know that we can go in the blink of an eye, but until you very nearly lose your father, you don't really have an appreciation for your life and the lives of the people you love.