Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lisa Does Dallas?

Get your mind out of the gutter.....

If you have been watching the news you likely heard that my employer is moving its headquarters from San Antonio to Dallas. My whole department is moving and yes, that means my job is moving too.

My options?

1. Sell my house and move to Dallas with my job. (I don't know yet when my group has to report in Dallas, I should know more over the next few weeks.)

2. Decline to move and take severance and hope to find a job with the same or near same salary. But more than likely, any job I find in San Antonio will require a significant pay cut. And I can't afford that but I am going to see what, if anything, is appease my mom and roommate!

My immediate reaction upon hearing the news on Friday afternoon was "oh shit" and then I wanted to cry just thinking about leaving my family (specifically my niece and nephews) behind. Thankfully it's just Dallas -- 4 hours by car, 1 hour by plane. It could have been worse, we could be going to Atlanta or New Jersey. So I am counting my blessings. But it still sucks. As I did a quick search for rental homes and apartments last night, I felt like I was going to throw up. It's all surreal. I never thought I'd have to leave San Antonio.

While I have it easier than most... no children or husband to uproot, it is affecting my roommate and I will have to leave the dogs behind with her. As I type this, Mr. Darcy is barking at his brother for having the "good" bone....yeah, I won't miss the noise. :)

Everyone is taking the news in stride, especially Christy and Jamie who think this was God's plan for me and that my husband is in Dallas! However, I don't think the twins realize yet how far away I'll be and that they won't be able to call me and ask "can you come over" anymore. But now they can come visit me and I'm sure I'll be home every other weekend for a long time. I'll be racking up some good frequent flyer miles on Southwest! And my new laptop has a built-in webcam and mic so I'm gonna sign up for Skype and get Christy and Michelle hooked up so when I need a family fix I can just hop online.

My dad's two older brothers are also in the D/FW area, along with my cousins, so I have family nearby. I also have Matt, my K-Town friend, and of course all the coworkers who are going to follow their jobs, so I won't be alone in a big new city.

Another thing to be thankful for? Employee benefits = free long distance!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Jason Go!

I'm not afraid to admit it....I've been following this season's "The Bachelorette." And I'm in love with Jason, the single father of a little boy. I liked him for her from the get-go....pretty smile, warm eyes, not bad to look at, and he greeted her in Greek (she's from Greek heritage...hint to the's the little things like this that stand out!).

I DVR'd last night's episode (love me some U-Verse!) and watched it after Grace and I saw "Fool's Gold" -- movie reviews coming soon. So I was up late watching the episode and I cried like a baby. Each guy's hometown visit got me all emotional. Jesse's dad got emotional talking about his son to DeAnna; Jeremy (guy from Dallas) showed her the journal he kept while holding a vigil at his mother's deathbed, and then Jason sees his little boy for the first time since he left for the show. DeAnna also lost it when Jason went running for his little boy and fell to the ground with him in his arms. Dayum! I'm getting misty just thinking about it again.

The only one who didn't make me cry was Graham (the basketball player who doesn't say a whole lot.) However I cried when she kicked him to the curb. She was really into Graham (extreme physical attraction) but I had this feeling that he was just going to cause her grief because he shuts down...he's not a communicator and she is. There have been plenty of times on the show where he wasn't speaking his mind or sharing his feelings and you could tell it bothered her. So when she's trying to make him understand why she's sad about sending him away and he's just sitting there, not saying a word. I just felt her pain. It sucks to admit to yourself that physical attraction alone can't keep a relationship together and it was hard for her to send him home because all he had to do was open up to her. But it's like she said...she's tired of dating guys who don't know what they want. So off he goes but not before handing her a heartfelt letter...a little too late buddy!

Two more weeks to go..I can't wait to see what happens!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been living solo for a few days while my roomie is in New York. Grace has lived with me for so long, I forgot what it's like to have the house entirely to myself.

Things I miss about living solo:

- being able to walk around nekkid after a shower

- having the sofa all to myself (it's just not the same sitting on the loveseat)

- not having to share the TV, although we mostly watch the same shows or she will watch TV in her room

- not having to take turns using the washer/dryer

Things I miss when my roomie is out of town:

- having someone to talk to -- it's one sided when I try and talk to the dogs!

- having someone to take turns letting the dogs out when they ring the bell

- having someone to say "did you hear that?" to.....

I've never been afraid of being home alone, that is until I succumbed to parental-peer-pressure a few weeks ago and installed an alarm system. I did it mainly because my roomie is a chicken shit and when I'm out of town she has to have someone stay over with her, so this is just added comfort for her really, but now that I'm home alone I'm hearing noises, and when the power shut off briefly the other night for no apparent reason I swore someone must be outside wanting to break in! I got over it by the next night and I'm back to being my un-scared self.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Need Advice?

And she's back!

Since my former editor never responded to my inquiry about bringing my advice column back to life in the Express News, I really miss giving advice and apparently many people enjoyed reading my advice, I'm resurrecting my advice column in the blogsphere.

In honor of my E-N column, my advice blog will run on Thursday's, as long as I have something to give my advice/opinion on.

So go ahead people ...ask away. Don't be scurred.

What I'm really excited about is not having to sensor my language or the length of my advice. Let the good times roll!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6, 1965

On this day, my parents were married. There have been lots of happy times and lots of not-happy times in those 43 years. What I've learned about marriage from watching my parents in theirs is

1. You have to have a good sense of humor.

2. You have to be able to look the other way when he/she is being a pain in the ass.

3. You have to enjoy each other's company..just the two of you.

4. No matter how old you are..copping a feel keeps the romance alive. Just don't do it when you're sharing a cabin with your adult daughter, pleeeease!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Remember to come home if you hit the big one!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Bunch of Winos

That's what we were this weekend. Guided by Jeanne and Tim (Ella's godparents) me, Christy and Rob headed up to the Hill Country on Saturday for our first winery tour. After a little misunderstanding in directions, we hooked up at the Texas Hill Vineyards. Then we stopped at Woodrose Winery (the best thing about this place were the dogs who napped despite the crowd of people stepping over them), Becker Vineyards (more on this place in a bit) and finally Fredericksburg Winery (where I bought my only bottle of red wine because it was yummy and not dry. Me no likey dry wine!) There are many more places to visit and after me sweating all day long (dayum it was HOT) we decided fall would be a better time of year. We stayed the night in Fredericksburg and ate at Hondo's which had extremely good food.

Jeanne and Tim are so much fun, I laughed all weekend. But I never laughed as much as I did when we had our 'incident' at Becker Vineyards. We arrived about 20 minutes before closing and it took a good 10 minutes for anyone to come up to us to ask if we bought our tickets yet, so we go down to buy our tickets. We ask the guy if we will have time to do the testing and he assured us we would. He then told us to go down to the end of the bar as there was another group having their taste tests. So we chill for a minute and another worker, a woman, says something - I think she asked if we were done - and we say we hadn't started yet and that we were told to wait at the end of the bar. She quite rudely says "we close at 6pm"; so we apologize and say, again, that we were just doing as we were told. She proceeds to loudly clean up and the other group left so the nice man who sold us our tickets starts to serve us. This woman was making it very obvious that we had less than 5 minutes before they closed...she even started cleaning off the bar, working around us. Jeanne is Italian and she was NOT having it. She asked the lady if we did something wrong, that she was being really rude and was making us uncomfortable and this was our first time visiting and she hated that her friends were being treated this way. The man, bless his heart, tried to make her happy..he apologized and assured us again that we didn't have to rush. This lady, instead of apologizing for her behaviour continues to be rude and says "I'm just doing my job" and storms off, slamming a door. But not before spilling a bowl of oyster crackers all over the bar as she was trying to quickly clean up. I thought Jeanne was going to scale the bar she was so pissed. She waited until a manager came to the front and she explained to her how rude we were being treated. That lady apologized and helped to finish our tasting.

When we left we were in the parking lot laughing about the whole thing and Jeanne says that she was gonna leave it alone until the woman spilled the crackers all over her hand. That's when someone, I don't even know who, says "damn cracker ass cracker!" (the lady was caucasian)....maybe it was all the wine we had been drinking but that was the funniest thing we'd heard and we all cracked up. That was our catch phrase the rest of the night.

I came back with 6 bottles and now need a wine rack to display my goods. I can't wait to pop them open!!! Photos can be seen with this link: