Friday, May 30, 2008

Gettin things done!

I've already said that I'm a procrastinator but what you might not know is that I even procrastinate on things that I want to do. I think being a multi-tasker and a Gemini, I want to do so many things but I can't focus long enough on any one thing to actually do it. But I think if I write them down, I'll do it without knowing I've done it.

Here's what I mean: two years ago I wrote out a list of 50 things I wanted for my life. The majority dealt with travel, some about my nephews (helping to put them thru college) and other personal things. Back in early May when Christy told me to make my Love List, I was in my office putting that list together when I decided to look at my List of 50 that was taped to the back of my door. To my amazement I had already done several things:

- Travel to Hawaii - check!

- Build a roof on my back patio - check!

- Re-do landscaping in backyard - check!

- Take photography lessons - check!

Since there are other things that I've always wanted to do, but never have, I'm going to add them to my To Do List (formerly known as List of 50) and see how many I get thru this year (doing 25 push-up's and 25 pull-up's might be on that list forever!).

- Order popcorn from Garrett's in Chicago (an Oprah favorite thing) - check!, but not impressed!

- Go on a tour of Texas winery's near Fredericksburg- checking off this weekend! More to come on that later, but below is a map of where I'm going.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Does agreeing to go on a roadtrip to Mustang Island (near Corpus Christi) with my sisters and their kids, after a night out at the club with smoke still in your hair and alcohol still in your system, count as being spontaneous? If so, I am a spontaneous girl!

Christy mentioned on Saturday that she and Rob might take the kids to the coast on Sunday, just for a quick trip since South Padre Island is too far (5 hour drive) and too expensive. Nothing more was mentioned and I still planned to spend all of Sunday at home in my pj's chilling out and watching movies.

Michelle, Grace and I did go out on Saturday night; I had a good hair night, the music was good, my drink of choice ("Come F*** Me Punch" -- no, I didn't make that up!) was doing the trick and the scenery was really nice. We got home, ate some quick Taco Cabana and I crashed. The next morning around 8am Isaiah wakes me up with a call asking if I was going to come over. I heard Ethan crying in the background and just figured Isaiah was making his normal "are you coming over" call. A little while later Michelle calls and says that Christy and Rob are going to Corpus and do I want to go with her to take the twins (what I did not know was that Christy and Rob had already picked up Ryan and Michael to take them. Marcus was working...again..and couldn't go.) because they were both now sad and crying thinking that they were going to be left behind from a beach trip. I really did not have a road trip to the beach in mind but my plans for the day of movie watching fizzled (I hadn't even rented the movies yet) so I thought 'what the heck'. After a quick shower and packing, I met Michelle, the twins and Jamie and we followed Rob and crew to Mustang Island.

I packed my camera bag but once we got to the beach I was too afraid of the humidity and sand to mess with it. So I just let Christy capture the day and took a few shots myself with her camera. You can view her blog to see those pics. Technically we could have driven back home since it's just a 2 hour ride, but being in the sun wore us all out so we got hotel rooms and stayed over in Corpus Christi. We drove home today after our free continental breakfast. The kids had a blast and so did us adults. But next time...we'll save up and make the trip to South Padre Island because we can do without the tons of seaweed (do seaweed have thorns?) that kept scratching our legs and the stinging by the jellyfish -- which turned out to be itty bitty orange jellyfish, we saw one come up on shore and we huddled around it like it was something from Mars.

Update on my birthday: the celebration started Tuesday night when Isaiah called and said "you have to come over, we have a surprise for you." So I went and they gave me the homemade birthday cards they made for me. Mom also gave me my gift which I thought were a few charms for my bracelet. When I opened the little James Avery bag I saw a bracelet and I looked at Michelle and said "oh, I already have a bracelet" and she just had this funny look on her face. When I took the bracelet out I realized that it was my bracelet, and they added a buttload of charms to it for me (they snuck into my house, with their spare key, one day and dug my bracelet out.) I'm never surprised (though I love surprises) so that just made my night. And I can't believe my mom didn't ruin the surprise by complaining to me about my messy jewelry chest! The next day I decided against sleeping in all morning, and instead worked out with my trainer like a good little girl, followed by a massage appointment. I had an hour to kill before my massage so I stopped into Barnes and Noble for ONE book (that I'm reading and love) and 88 dollars later I walked out. I fell off the "I won't buy anymore books" wagon big time. But ask me if I care! I then got a pedicure and had dinner at mom's (with her world famous -- okay, famous to our family -- chicken salad sandwhiches and one of my favorite pies). The fun continued the next day when Walter, my BMFF, asks me if I ever check my front porch (the night before he asked how my day went which I thought was odd given that his email came close to 10pm and we don't typically email each other that late). I told him "only when I'm expecting something" and then I said "do I need to send my mother to check my front porch?" He replied with "yeah...some things die in the Texas heat!" Sure as shit, Walter had sent me some flowers for my birthday and they had been on my porch all day and night and the next morning! Luckily they were shipped in a box so they didn't become decorations for the birds who have built another nest on my front porch (yet again).

39 Looks Good!

The morning after, 39 is looking a little pale!

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 21

May 21st should be a national holiday. It is the most wonderous of days...the day that I blessed this earth and my family with my presence.

Michelle was the "before Dad left for Vietnam" baby and I was the "Dad made it home from Vietnam" baby. The first thing my father said to my mother was "her nose is flat" and then "she's really white." Had the milk-man not been black my dad might have started to wonder....

For those of you who want to get me something for my birthday (and that should be everyone who reads this blog), let me offer some suggestions.

I have a James Avery charm bracelet that I don't wear because it has two measley (is that how you spell it?) charms on it. It's just so sad, so it stays in my jewelry box. So...silver charms from James Avery! I've already told Grace which ones I want, get with her for specifics.

I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more books until I read everything on my "to be read" shelf, and aside from getting "The New Earth", I've obeyed my own rule. But a bookaholic should be able to enjoy her vice on her birthday. So...Border's gift cards or just get me some books. I'm particularly eyeing the books by Jen Lancaster ('Such a Pretty Fat' -- which was just released, 'Bright Lights Big Ass' and her first book, 'Bitter is the New Black'). If you really are fond of me (and why wouldn't you be?) just get me all three!

I am taking a vacation day on my birthday so I'll be available all day to receive cards, phone calls, flowers and presents. case you were wondering, of course.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mandy+Chris = Engagement Pics

Today I finally got to practice my photography on willing cousin Mandy and her fiance' Chris. You might remember that they became engaged this past Thanksgiving and I was there to take pictures of the proposal.

We headed to the Riverwalk late in the day, to avoid the harsh sun, but man was it still hot out!! I immediately began sweating....of course. Thankfully I knew better and had no make-up on and my hair in a ponytail. The good thing about being behind the lens is not having to be cute! After walking around the Riverwalk for locations we headed to the Tower of the Americas because Mandy and Chris noticed the waterfalls during the Wedding Fair. The last time I was at the Tower was when I was 5 years my 21 years of living here I have yet to return. I was pleasantly surprised that the grounds were so pretty, and with the sun setting it was perfect.

The session went really well and Chris and Mandy were great sports, not questioning my 'creative vision'. I need more practice though..I'm not very good at getting people to pose or even suggesting poses. "Do something cute" came out of my mouth more times than should be allowed!!

Below are some of my favorite shots. I need to practice with textures to add more "punch" to my pictures so that's next on my list.

Aren't Mandy and Chris a great looking couple?!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Need a Laugh?

If you need a good laugh you must read my sister's post titled "Future Mug Shots" ..... it is hilarious! I'm still laughing!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hawaii Pictures

Yeah, yeah....I've been back for 2 1/2 weeks and I've just now finished processing and posting my pictures from Hawaii. I've been busy! Plus my slow-ass computer did not help!

Be warned...there are 280 pictures glad I didn't post all 894 that I actually took!

Feel free to leave a comment on the pictures, but keep it clean!

Not Good at Green

I've been attempting to be more "green", to do my share in saving our earth. I bought the recycle bags from Walmart and HEB so that I no longer need to use plastic bags (which I have wayyyyy to many of anyway. When you don't have a puppy to potty train you really don't need those bags!). Problem is, I keep forgetting to bring them with me to the store!

I thought keeping them in my car would help, but it didn't help when I went to Walmart and Grace drove. And it didn't help when I was in line at HEB and only then remembered that I had the recycle bag (which was actually at home in my pantry, not in my car.) So I'm not doing so well. But I'm trying!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh, Hell No!

So last night I was very excited to watch the 100th episode celebration of Dancing with the Stars. I love that show. I love the dancing and I love the hot men. Mario specifically. I was excited to see if my boys (Mario and Christian De La Fuente...I love saying his name really fast with my wanna-be mexican accent) made it to the next round, to see if my online, phone and text voting helped get them to the semi-final round. I even rushed the gym, only doing a 30 minute eliptical workout so that I could get home on time.

The show starts..and at the first commercial break, or maybe even sooner, I can't recall, KSAT 12 interrupts with "late breaking news", I thought "here we go...their annoying weather man wants to tell us that there's a possible tornado watch somewhere in the big state of Texas...when I only need to know if it's heading to Bexar county". But was a about a big fire at Our Lady of the Lake University. The only news they had was that they didn't think anyone was injured (thank goodness) and they didn't know what or who started it. Ok-- I figured they'd go back to the show and then keep us updated with a ticker across the screen. But instead they rambled on and on and on, other anchors join in, and before I know it, I've missed the ENTIRE episode of Dancing with the Stars!

I was so mad I wanted to spit, and I probably did. Grace was laughing at me, watching me yell at the TV and dialing the station at the same time to complain (I wasn't alone, the line was busy the whole night.)

Was it a horrible thing? Yes. But it wasn't like the White House was burining down, or even that there was an on-campus shooter firing away! This was NOT worthy of interrupting a live, popular, show! Especially when they had NOTHING new to report. They even started "interviewing" people watching the fire...who also had nothing of importance to add.

They actually kept reporting on this fire for two hours because I checked back after 9pm and it was still going, again with nothing new to report. Now, KSAT 12 wasn't the only station doing this, the others were too. But like I said in my online complaint (yes, I submitted an online complaint, I had nothing else better to do!) the other stations didn't interrupt a verrrrrry popular show. I guess they felt that they made up to the public by re-airing the show at 12:35 A.M! So if you didn't have Tivo or DVR you were screwed.

I had to find out online that my Mario was booted off (WTF?!). Now, I don't feel that he should have won the whole title (I think Kristi should) but I definitely felt like he deserved to be in the semi-finals. I am sad that I won't see him anymore....that sweet, adorable, fine specimen. That is one cradle I would certainly rob!! Sigh...I'm gonna have to buy his new CD.

My only consolation is that Christian-De-La-Fuente is still on!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Will this work?

Last week Christy sends me, Michelle and Jamie an email asking if we had heard about and read this book called "The Secret." I heard about it last year because it was discussed on Oprah and I saw it in the bookstores. I knew that "the secret" was the law of attraction...positive thoughts bring positive things into your life so I never felt like I needed to read the book. Christy was reading the book and read an article online at or in the O Magazine about making a "Love List" -- writing down 100 things that I want in a life partner...down to what he eats and says in the morning (duh... "good morning sunshine"). Christy felt that we should write out a list for ourselves because before she even heard of "the law of attraction" she knew it was a real thing. In her own life she always knew she deserved a successful career and would have one, and she has. Even when things weren't good, the good soon followed. She also knew she really needed a man who could put up with her....and she found her ideal man in Rob.

So...I figured I'd make out a list and last night as I sat at my computer, working on my Hawaii pictures, I started to jot things down about the man who is ideal for me. I even broke it down into categories.... His Family, Personality/Character, Appearance (and the only "shallow" thing I listed was that he is at least 5' 10" which to me really isn't shallow...I want a taller man!), Sex (#1 - is good at it!) and Hobbies. I thought that coming up with 100 things would be hard. But once I started going I couldn't stop and I'm at 121 items. I'm sure something that I've forgotten will come to mind, so I'm just not going to limit myself, but I will give myself until this Sunday to think of everything that really matters to me.

I thought about posting that list on my further get it out into the universe. But I'm thinking that I need to finish it and then put it away. The point is to see if the universe brings him to me now that it knows, and I know, what kind of man is ideal for me. I'm not supposed to dwell on the list and if I post it on my blog, I will.