Monday, April 28, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We got home on Sunday morning, the 27th, safe and sound but extremely tired. We left on Saturday night at 7pm Hawaii time so I thought I'd be able to fall asleep for the trip. Not. I just could not get comfortable. Neither could my mom. Dad on the other had, fell fast asleep listening to his iPod. So I watched "Mad Money" (which was actually a really cute movie, worth renting!) and read and dozed off for maybe 5 minutes at a time here and there. Luckily the flight felt like it went fast and I didn't get restless otherwise I would have had to take a sleeping pill and I wanted to avoid that.

On our last day in Hawaii, we got to visit with Erica, her husband Will and the girls, Phoenix and new baby Nora. It was so good to see them, we got to visit for about 2 hours at the food court of the International Marketplace (near Waikiki Beach, which I didn't get to see) while Joy, Priscilla and Ginger did some last chance shopping.

But before we saw Erica and her family, we did more damage at Maui Divers. You see, Maui Divers offered a free shuttle to the marketplace after we took a 15 minute tour of their design center. So we went. The tour of the company, how it got started and how they make jewelry was really interesting and you come away at least appreciating the jewelry you already own. But once you're done with the tour, in order to get out of the building you have to walk guessed it...a showroom full of gold jewelry with corals (from the pacific ocean), diamonds, and every other gemstone you can imagine. Right away my dad tells my mom to pick out a ring. So I'm browsing too...cuz I'm a girl and there was nothing else to do...and I try on a gold filligree (sp?) ring with a round coral set in it. It wasn't outrageously priced and I reallllllly fell in love with it because it's a unique design and I love unique rings (and it fit perfectly), and my Dad saw me and said "I'll get it for you." I wouldn't let him buy the ring for me outright, but since he was getting my mom's ring plus a bracelet (the sales ladies LOVED him) on a 12 month no interest card, I let him get it and I'll pay him back. That damn IRS check has been spent (two times over) before I've even received it!! The other ladies also shopped and bought and that free shuttle & tour ended up costing! But the jewelry is beautiful and none of us had buyer's remorse.

Funny story....while in the store they were giving us Mimosa's (I guess typically they try and liquor people up so they are more likely to buy) and my mom -- who doesn't like to drink because she gets tipsy after one sip -- DOWNED her Mimosa in the blink of an eye like it was a shot!!

So here I am...still on Hawaii time, still feeling the motion-of-the-ocean, and not wanting to go back to work tomorrow. And I'm still wanting to say Aloha and Mahalo instead of Hello and Thank You. As is typical of me, I made up my own Hawaiian day I meant to say thank you and said "Maloha" -- 'good bye' and 'thank you' all at once. The lady I said it to just started laughing, so that became my new word. :-)
I went back and added some pics to my Hawaii posts, so you can view them if you want. The rest of my pictures will be processed during the week and I'll post a link to the album when it's ready.

While a 10 day cruise is entirely too long of a trip (especially when you're sharing a cabin with your parents!) and I would never do it again, it was the best way to see all of the Hawaiian Islands and I'm so glad I went. The group (I learned that Joy and Priscilla love to travel) talked about taking another cruise together, this time to Alaska!!!
Phoenix and Mom
Dad making Nora smile
Aloha! (which means Hello, Good-Bye and love)...Dad, Joy, Ginger
Priscilla and Mom


Christy said...

Mom must have been hot. That's funny. Was she tipsy after it?

Erica and the girls are so pretty!