Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photo Assignment, week 4 and 5

"Panning" technique:

"Fantastic job on both of these panning shots! You have the technique nailed and you paid GREAT attention to the background and in both shots we have MOTION from corner to corner and edge to edge. Excellent job on both but my pick here is for the bicycle shot with the BIG smile! There is a lot more motion there in the background and the shot brings back memories of riding my own bike around at this age. You captured the joy so well! A PERFECT PICTURE!"

Freezing Action:

"This is fantastic! Girls are great for freeze action shots and the reason is that they usually have long hair and this hair makes action stopping motion just that much more evident. I took a number of shots like this of my son (who is now 26) when he was about the age of your niece and a lot of them looked like he was just sitting on a slide and posing! SO, great shot here and I love the point of view! A PERFECT PICTURE! "

Zooming (artistic technique):

"These shots are fantastic and I am glad you 'found your way' to the parts of the lesson that worked best for you! These are two really fantastic zoom shots! The coke one is great and I know the window light was causing problems but would love to see this shot straight on which would really be in your face. The 'palm leaf' is amazing! I feel as if I am wrapped in this color and the patterns in the palm are fabulous! A PERFECT PICTURE!"

Flowers in the Rain technique:

"VERY nice job on the rain here and you are against a nice dark shaded background which is really making the rain drops POP! Love the motion and the fact that you are vertical. What I would love to see her compositionally is to have those flowers take up about 2/3 of the frame instead of 1/2 and we will still get plenty of rain up above to see it."

** Thanks to my roomie, Grace, for waking up on Sunday morning to play "rain-maker" for me by holding the water hose! **

Monday, February 18, 2008

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Walter, the BMF (best male friend) surprised Grace and I by sending us each flowers for Valentine's Day. Just to make our day, and he did. That's the kind of guy Walter is. His wife got a cruise to Alaska!!! Anyway, I was trying to finish up my 'homework' for last week's assignment and was using Grace's arrangement when Winston came up to see what those strange looking things were. He took a sniff and I captured it, then he tried to eat the flower! Later that day the dogs were so worn out that they fell asleep on the ottoman and didn't even move when I got up close with my new 50mm lens and took some pics.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

iPhone Danger

This is why I'm banning myself from reading email on my iPhone and walking at the same time.

Pretty, huh? Wait until tomorrow when the bruises are showing! **UPDATE -- no ugly bruises came thru.....whew!**

Now I'm sure you have questions so let me get to them....

1. I was leaving my dentist's office, was so engrossed with an email and forgot that there was a step at the door. I guess my instinct was to save my face and used my knees to break the fall.

2. No one saw me, I was the last patient. But the girl behind the counter must have heard whatever "oh-shit-I'm-falling" noise I made and came running to help me up.

3. I was reading an email from Walter. My former best-guy friend.

4. Yes it hurts! Thankfully I still have a bottle of 800 milligram ibuprofen from my butt-muscle-pulling incident in December. And now I'm feeling a little high...

5. Despite flying out of my hands upon impact with the cement, the iPhone came away unharmed. Thank goodness...there is no ibuprofen for a broken iPhone!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Only once in my adult life have I had a Valentine's date. Sad, I know. What's even sadder is that what should have been a sexy and romantic night didn't quite turn out that way.

DISCLAIMER: Mom, if you're reading this... turn-off-the-computer-and-go-back-into-the-living-room. Mom! For real....I don't need my mother knowing this kind of stuff. Especially because I know you'll tease me forever!

Several years ago there was a guy in Austin that was a FWB (friend with benefits.) We're gonna call him Airport because that's where he worked at the time. Airport invited me up because there was a new hotel opening near the airport that had jacuzzi tubs, and he got the hook-up for a free night. So I excitedly drove up after work with a brand new red teddy and robe in my overnight bag. Dinner was going to be pizza (because I'm easy to make case anyone interested wants to know!) and Airport was also bringing wine and candles. Awww, right? Well, the wine was red and dry...and I hate dry wine. But he didn't know that and it was the thought that counted so I made an effort to drink a glass.

I had changed into my red teddy and robe and lit the candles around the jacuzzi. I leaned over a candle to start the water and suddenly I smelled something burning. I look down and the sleeve of my robe was on fire! I don't remember if I dunked it in water or if I flapped my arm around until the flames went out. It wasn't enough of a blaze to set off the smoke alarm but it was enough to kill my sexy vibe.

So fast forward and we're, ahem, enjoying the jacuzzi tub. (Mom, I swear you better not be reading this!) I'm back to feeling like I'm pretty damn sexy until I catch a glimpse of myself. Did I mention there were mirrors around the jacuzzi tub? Well, my hair curls up when 1.) I sweat or 2.) am in a humid/steamy environment. There was plenty of steam coming from the hot water and the hot water also was making me a little sweaty and I didn't think to wear waterproof mascara. So what was looking back at me were raccoon eyes from runny mascara and curly hair...and not sexy curly hair. More like just walked out of a sauna curly, frizzy, hair.

And that's not all. Apparently the makers of the jacuzzi tub were worried that people would slip and injure themselves so they put down some grainy/bumpy non-skid stuff at the bottom of the tub. I was too busy trying to bring sexy back (and wiping away the runny mascara) to notice until I got out of the tub. When the air hit, my knees were instantly burning. Along with a robe with a burnt sleeve, I have matching scars on my knees from "jacuzzi burn" as my souvenirs from that night.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a Valentine-date-gone-bad story!!