Saturday, December 29, 2007

Catching Up

Lots has happened since my last post so let me catch you up.

On Friday, December 14th my father had emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. Thankfully it had not burst, but it was "very sick" as the doctor said. It's very strange to know that your father went to see his doctor because he hadn't been feeling very well (but had no fever and no throwing up) and then all of a sudden is being prepped for surgery. My sisters and I got to the hospital in time to see my dad before they took him to the surgical ward, and everyone was crying except for me. I think my father had been trying to be strong until Jamie and I arrived at the hospital and with all four of his daughters there, the reality of it all scared him and he broke down. Now, if you know me, you know I'm very emotional and cry commercials, during movies, if someone else is crying... so when my father broke down, my sisters started crying again but I did not. I kissed my father and told him that he was going to be okay, not to worry, that the they caught this early and he would be just fine. I think the reason I didn't cry was because I needed to be the strong one and I wanted to calm my father down. It's really weird how, when you need to be strong, you can be. I mean I didn't even shed a tear while everyone around me was falling apart. My father's surgery went as well as we could have hoped for and he spend the weekend in the hospital and came home on Monday night. When he walked out of the hospital you would have thought he had just been released from prison because the first thing he said was "ahhh...fresh air, the sun!" Aside from a nasty bout of the hiccups he recovered very nicely.

He did miss the boys in their State Flag Football championship game which was the Saturday morning after his surgery. The boys were up against a team north of Austin that had been the champions for the previous three years, were undefeated, and had only been scored on one time their entire season. These boys were very tall...ours looked tiny in comparison but we knew that if the team played their game well, they would have a fighting chance. Instead, they shocked the hell out of this team and kicked some major flag football booty! They won by two or three touchdowns and just dominated this team. Our boys were just too fast for them and they were trailing in our dust. It was amazing and it's funny how exciting a flag football game can be! We are so proud of Jakob, Ethan and Isaiah and the rest of the team and we went to the hospital after the game to show my dad their gold medals. Jakob even told my dad that they won for him! They'll be playing tackle next year and I know the boys can't wait for this, especially the twins since they tackle with their older brothers all the time. Michelle and Christy on the other hand might need something for their nerves!

See how little Ethan looks compared to these kids?

That's Jakob dancing on the sideline after the win!

Ethan #21 and Isaiah #12. The two boys on the left -- future NFL'ers....
amazing football players and they're only 7 years old!

Proud Mama's

Later that week, while Michelle was out doing some Santa work, I was at my mom's house trying to get the twins down to sleep. They told me that in order for them to fall asleep I needed to pat their backs. So instead of climbing into the bed to do this, I sat on the edge of the bed, on my left side, twisted a bit to get into patting position and patted their backs simultaneously. Of course this still didn't work so I turned their light off and left them whispering to each other. The next morning as I showered I bent over to get my shampoo and had this sharp pain at the top of my thigh...I tried again and it still hurt. As I drove to work my left butt cheek started hurting and it just got worse through out the day. I went to see my chiropractor that night who thought I probably didn't do anything tramautic, but maybe irritated a butt muscle. He wanted to stretch me but couldn't because I was wearing a skirt. He told my massage therapist to work on it, which entailed this guy digging his elbow into my hurt butt, which hurt like hell! He told me to put some heat on my butt that night (memo to self, buy a heating pad) and to get a tennis ball, lie on the floor and put the ball where it hurt the most and just lay there so the ball could penetrate the pain. I don't have a tennis ball, but the dogs have one attached to a cord they they play with so I borrowed it and I had to fight Mr. Darcy for it because of course that's the toy he wanted to play with. Putting pressure on a hurt butt muscle is the strangest kind of pain you can imagine. And the pain continued to the front of my leg, where your thigh and hip joins.

By Friday morning I couldn't sit upright because it hurt to put any pressure on my left side, which meant I couldn't drive, so I called in sick, and tagged along with my dad for his 9am doctor appointment (we have the same doc). The doc checked me to make sure there wasn't any discoloration (nope...still pale white as always) or "fever" in the area and then prescribed a muscle relaxer and 800 mg Ibuprofen for the inflamation. Off to my mom's house I went, after we grabbed breakfast, and I took the pills and knocked out. I think I slept for 4 hours and it was such a deep sleep that I didn't hear Michelle's boys when they all came home from school, and I was asleep on the front living room couch! I felt a little better when I woke and on Saturday, though groggy from the meds, I could walk and sit easily. On Sunday I decided not to take the meds to see how I would feel, and I had no pain so I haven't taken the meds since. I told the doc my broken butt needed to be fixed by New Years Eve so I could go out and wear my heels and thankfully the meds worked!

Moral of the story....if you're over 35 years old...heck, 30 even, be verrrry careful how you sit, stand, bend and could very easily pull something and a pulled butt muscle is painful! And stretch really well, that's something I never really did, even after a workout.

Speaking of working out, I tried two classes at Gold's this past week - Body Pump and Body Step. Body Pump was a great class (using a barbell and some hand weights, you strength train every muscle group in your body over a one hour period) but it kicked my ass even though I was starting out really light on the weights. It's sad to know that you once were able to use 15 pound dumbells on your triceps and now the 3 pounders kill you! I was extremely sore by the next morning and figured working out again would help to work out the soreness. Which probably would have been true had I not taken Body Step. A high intensity step class with a ton of squats and lunges...which did nothing but make me twice as sore. I walked around all day yesterday like I had a stick up my butt. I'm still sore today as I write this so I think I need to hit the treadmill and just walk and jog in spurts if I can so that I can work out this soreness.

Another update on the AI (artificial insemination) topic since Susan asked me about it - it's still something I'm considering. But I don't plan to do anything on the mommy issue until 2009, the year I turn 40. I have two trips for next year planned and I just need the year to sort out my financials, enjoy my trips, work on my photography and focus on my health and weightloss goal. Who knows what 2008 will bring me..I might not even have to consider AI if "the one for me" comes along next year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me!

I just enrolled in an online, 8 week, "Understanding Exposure" course thru The Perfect Picture School of Photography and I want to puke.

I am extremely excited but sick to my stomach because it was a $355 investment. My boy-best-friend and fellow photographer nut, Walter, assured me that it was a good price for an 8 week course with a professional (the instructor has published books on photography...I actually have one, now ask me if I've read it yet!) so I'm somewhat comforted.. but still. That's a lot of money. The only other time I felt sick to my stomach over a purchase was when I made a complete impulse buy while on vacation in South Padre Island. My cheap sunglasses broke and I stopped into a Sunglass Hut and fell in love with a pair of Coach bling sunglasses. $300 later I walked out wanting to throw up but felt really pretty in them, so I didn't. I take care of those babies like you wouldn't believe....they are either on my face or in its protective case...I haven't even dropped them yet and for me, that's a feat! And I have a wide face and a nose that glasses don't sit on easily so finding a pair of sunglasses that fit while looking good on me is hard, that alone helped me justify the purchase....are you convinced?

Back to the begins on January 11, 2008 and if I come out of it completely understanding how to use my camera in manual mode (which is on my Life Goals list and someday I'll post about that) then I will be a happy camper. I think I already take some pretty good pictures in automatic mode, so hopefully this will bump my skills up a notch and I can really start snapping some amazing pictures. Especially while in Hawaii in a few months.

I'm feeling a little better now...writing this post has helped me to realize that it IS an investment and not just another pair of sunglasses.

** Update -- here's a picture of me and the "can't-believe-I-paid-that-much-for-sunglasses" sunglasses. (the half face on the left is Michelle and her 14 yr old son, Michael, in the middle)

Friday, December 7, 2007

My Grown-Up Christmas List

A blogger I follow posted today with her Christmas wish list and asked her readers to do the same. I thought it was a fun idea so I'm copying her. The rules are simple: list 3-5 things you would love that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, be as materialistic as you want, and no judging. Now of course we all want world peace and good health for ourselves and our loved ones so those don't count. Go on now, get creative and dream big. You never know...Santa might just be watching!

(Another rule...please post your list as a comment to this blog, no emailing's no fun unless everyone posts their list for all to see. You can sign "Anonymous" but please put your first name at the end so at least I know who you are!)

Here's my list.

1. I want to wake up on Christmas day at my goal weight, with a brand new kick ass wardrobe to go with the new bod.

2. I want my credit cards and/or mortgage to be paid off.

3. An all expense paid trip around the world with my family and closest friends.

4. I want that medical procedure where collagen or something is inserted at the ball of your feet so that I can wear heels without the pain and without having to use gel inserts that never stay put!

5. A brand new custom home with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1 guest suite with adjoining bathroom, 1 office with big windows, 2 living rooms (one for me and one for own or those visiting), a huge kitchen with a large dining area lots of natural light coming in, a "guest house" in the backyard that would actually be my photography studio and hideaway for reading (would have its own mini kitchen and bathroom.), and a huge backyard with a pool and BBQ area, within walking distance to a nice park for family football and basketball games.

Ooh, I thought of one more....

6. Another medical procedure.....I'm not sure what it's called.....buttplasty? It's the one where instead of a boob job, you get a butt job. I know you're supposed to accept what you got, but I will never come to love my pancake ass!

Your turn!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've Turned Into One of "Those" People

Who put their pets in clothes and poses them in front of the Christmas Tree.

Don't they look adorable?