Friday, November 30, 2007

Enough is Enough

I have had a back-and-forth battle with my weight forever and I've had enough. So today I rejoined Weight Watchers and am part of the At Work program which is helpful because I can go during my lunch break and there are people I know in the group for support. I also joined Gold's Gym last night because my trainer is on indefinite leave and as much as I hate to exercise, I now recognize that I do feel better and sleep better when I'm exercising regularly and I just have to face the fact that I am always going to have to exercise, because when I don't I gain weight. And I hate feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

My problem is staying on program for the long haul. I've lost and gained the same 20pounds about 3 times so it will be a day of celebration when I lose pound #21!!

I won't tell you how much I want to lose..I'll wait until I hit my goal weight so you can then say "wow, you didn't look like you had xx pounds to lose!" *hehehe* but I will share when I've hit a WW target -- first 10%, 1/2 Way There, you can cheer me on thru cyberspace.

If you watched Oprah this week, you saw a woman who lost over 500 pounds WITHOUT surgery or diet pills. If that woman could stay motivated enough to lose FIVE TONS, what the hell is my excuse?! I was very inspired by her and the others that were on the show. If you're feeling inspired and want to join me on this journey of change, let me know!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is it Me?

Or does anyone else think that Mel B. got robbed of the "Dancing with the Stars" trophy?

Don't get me wrong, I like Helio. He's cute in a goofy sort of way, and a great dancer and was the best among the men. BUT...Mel B. is better technically, she's more consistent, and damn it, it's about time a woman won! From the get-go I figured it would be Mel B. and Samantha in the finals and then Samantha got wrongfully sent home. That actually shocked me into voting because up until then I never did. But I wanted to ensure that Mel B. didn't get sent home too so I started to vote every week, using the three email addresses that I have. I even contemplated creating more email accounts just so I could vote more for her!

This competition is not judged fairly. The women have to do more work than the men. I'm sorry..but leading, while it may be hard, can be fudged when your partner is a professional and she can still sort of guide you. The professional men can't hide the shortcomings of their dance partners...all they can do is give them a slow dance routine as we saw in Jane Seymour.

And will the judges PLEASE stop telling the old farts, who can't dance, but are cute when they try, that they bring personality to the dance floor? It pisses me off to no end that they will give a Wayne Newton an 8 just because he was fun to watch, and then give Jeannie Garth a 7 because technically she was off a little. WTF?

The only saving grace last night was that Marie Osmond came in third place. I would have boycotted the show had she won, and I really feared she would. Jeannie should have been in the finals, not Marie, and while I adore Marie Osmond she really irked me in the finals when she kept whining to the judges when they rightfully told her she stunk. more Max until next season. And from now on, I'm going to start voting for the best GIRL from the beginning! Who's with me?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cows, a Ring and a Princess

I felt many emotions on Thanksgiving -- sad, happy, excited, thankful, stuffed (it's not an emotion but I felt it), defeated and tired.

The day began with a road trip to my parents' hometown, Kenedy, which is about an hour away. We were going for the surprise proposal for my cousin Mandy, but while there we visited the gravesites of both my grandmothers, my maternal grandfather and my uncle. Michelle and the twins rode up in my car, following my folks. Christy and Rob were supposed to go but they were all sick, and Jamie stayed behind to take Marcus to work (he's working at the movie theater and of course it was open on T-Day.) The twins have only been to Kenedy a few times but they were much younger so they didn't remember it. Kenedy is a small rural town and in the past several years the economy has suffered. Old town mainstreet has a bunch of old buildings where businesses have shut down and buildings are abandoned. Ethan commented that "Kenedy is beat up", and it is. It's sad how some small towns thrive and some die away.

As we headed to the older cemetary to visit my father's mother, we passed a field of we turned the corner on the small one lane road there were a bunch of cows blocking the road just taking a leisurely little stroll. My dad was ahead of us so he got the cows to clear but Michelle was scared, thinking a cow would charge us, and the boys thought it was fascinating.

After a quick visit with my Momo Tanis (it was freezing and windy!) and putting down some new flowers we headed to the newer cemetary to visit my mom's folks and my uncle, my dad's younger brother who passed about 3 years ago.

While at my Uncle Wasso's gravesite, we waited for his family to arrive. My cousin Mandy is one of my uncle's 5 children. My uncle passed and was buried just a few days before Thanksgiving so it being the anniversary of his death, Chris wanted to propose at his gravesite so that Mandy's dad was there. Some people might think that a bit odd, but we thought it was very sweet and we all felt my uncle's presence. Mandy even said she dreamt of her dad earlier that week and told him that she was going to be engaged soon. It was such a sweet moment and I'm glad we were there to witness it. My dad has always loved my cousins like his own, and when his brother died (they were very close) I think he felt that he needed to be there for them even more. Mandy and Chris are a beautiful couple (they are both "boy/girl" twins and both lost their father's) and they will have a beautiful life together. And I get to help Mandy plan her wedding, I'm so excited! I also took some pictures for are a few...

After we said our goodbyes, we headed back home for our family's Thanksgiving feast. The food was wonderful and the Cowboys won so everyone was happy! Michelle, Jamie, Christy and I took the twins, Jakob and Ella to see "Enchanted" later that evening and it was such a cute movie! While it is more of a girly movie, the boys didn't get bored or ancy and behaved very well thru it. When Marcus got off of work, he joined us and then got to eat his Thanksgiving meal later.

Later that night we took Pictionary over to Christy and Rob's house for a round of family competition and Christy and Rob won...but only because they kept pulling the easy cards! Poor Ryan was on my team and while I am normally pretty good, I just didn't have my thinking cap on. I mean, I didn't get "earth worm" for goodness sakes! But Ryan didn't get "Family Tree" --- tree people? -- so we'll have to redeem ourselves next time. We had a lot of fun and laughed alot, even though we are serious competitors, and it was a great way to end a great day.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My New Ride

Zoom, Zoom..

Oh wait, wrong commercial. My bad.

Last week I traded in my 2002 CR-V for the 2008 model. Of course the first thing my father said was "why didn't you tell me, I would have gone with you" and when I said "I don't need you to go with me" he said "they probably didn't give you a good price..." Gotta love him. He still thinks he needs to take care of me. Or maybe he just wants to be needed? Hmm...something I need to consider before I start rolling my eyes at his comments.

Anyway, I loved my car, it was very good to me and it was still running extremely well. Many fond memories were made in that car.....but at 5 years old and almost 99,000 miles, it was starting to rattle so it was time to bid her farewell. I love, love, love the new version, especially the color and can't wait to see where my new ride takes me!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

eHarmony Sucks

So I mentioned a while ago that I was going to give eHarmony's online "matching" service a whirl. They advertise that by answering key questions, they can match you to people who you are compatible with on a deeper level. As a matter of fact, here is what is listed on their website, key words are bolded.

Why Women Choose eHarmony:

- Meet quality singles sincere about finding a meaningful relationship

- The proven Personality Profile lets you know about yourself and your ideal partner

- Communicate safely and anonymously

- eHarmony process encourages honesty and helps you get to know someone well

- Get
matched with men that are compatible with you in important characteristics such as core values, sense of humor, and character


Here's a "match" that eHarmony sent me this week, I deleted the parts of the profile that don't matter for the purpose of this blog (his likes, dislikes, etc.) Again, key words are bolded by me.

The one thing XXX HERNANDEZ is most passionate about:

I am passionate about the mother of my child. I love her very deeply. I ask for your prayers to get us back together. I know this is odd. But, we all know the power of prayer. I also ask that you give me any female insight on how to win a women's heart back.

Some additional information XXX HERNANDEZ wanted you to know is:

I am looking for friendship. I need prayer and support. I have an
agape love for the mother of my child. PLEASE PRAY FOR US.

Seriously, you just can't make this shit up. I was livid. I paid a pretty penny for a 3 month subscription, and eHarmony hasn't sent me a perfect "match".....they keep sending me profiles for men who don't live in San Antonio when I specifically say on my profile that I don't want anyone outside of 50 miles, and then I get this. Exactly who at eHarmony fell asleep on the job and let this profile get thru? And I guess because this guy answered some of the profile questions similarly to me makes him my match? We can both like ketchup, that doesn't make you the man for me!

So I sent off a nasty note to eHarmony demanding a full refund and threatened to take this to the media if I didn't get it. I probably won't, but they don't know that and I can guarantee they don't want people to know that who they deem as your perfect match could be a man who isn't even looking for a new relationship! They already have an anti-eHarmony commercial out there...something about eHarmony denying some people as members?

Anyway...this takes the frickin cake doesn't it??