Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August Movie Reviews


Disturbia - modern day remake of the Rear Window (I think) in which a teenager suspects his neighbor of being a killer. Pretty good..suspensful, it's worth a watch.

Blades of Glory - I typically don't like movies that are "stupid funny" but I liked this one. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater but it was okay to rent. I watched it with Michelle and her boys and of course they thought it was hilarious.

Wild Hogs -- instead of "chic flick" it's "rhymes-with-chic-but-starts-with-a-D flick." Hey, I think I coined a new phrase. I should patent it. Except I don't know how to do that.'s a movie about 4 middle-aged male friends who ride their bikes casually and decide to be real bikers and take a road trip. It's very cute, funny, silly at times but what do you expect with a cast of Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy?

Pride -- which I actually saw in June or July but forgot to post about it. It's a feel good movie based on a true story about a black swim coach trying to take give the neighborhood kids something positive to do, and the obstacles he faces with not only the kids but the white swim teams. It actually pissed me off at times (I hate racism) and made me sad but it also has some sweet, tender moments. Yes, I said tender. It's a good, family friendly movie. It stars Terrence Howard (of the beautiful green eyes) and Bernie Mac, who does a great job of being serious.

Saw at the theater....

Becoming Jane -- being the Jane Austen fan that I am (okay..I'm not THAT true a fan as I've only seen the movies based on her books. But I do have "Pride and Prejudice" and the cliff notes that go with it and since I've seen her movies maybe now I'll be able to follow the language!) I had to see this. It's a movie about the famous author and the romance that was to have inspired her books. Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy (a total cutie) are really good in this movie. I liked it a lot.

The Nanny Diaries -- I heard the book was really good but I never read it and I'm glad I didn't. The reviews all said that the movie didn't do the book justice so not having read the book, I thought the movie was okay because I went in it with zero expectation. What I found amazing were the stories of the New York mothers who hire the people REALLY live like that?! I saw it with Christy and she recently took a business trip to New York (yes, I want her job too) and she said "yes, this happens." She said she and Rob saw more nannies with their "subjects" than they thought possible. Apparently in New York, having a Nanny is akin to water and's necessary to live. Scarlett Johansson did a good job, and doesn't look bad as a brunette, and her love interest, Chris Evans (of The Fantastic Four) is worth the price of admission all by himself!

Ho Hum

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. I haven't had a whole lot going on aside from work, doggy training class and going to the boys' flag football practices. At the present time I'm in my office, door shut with the dogs because Winston has an upset tummy and I don't want to walk out into the living room to find an accident. So I figure I better keep a close eye on him so I can whisk him off outside if it looks like he's about to "get into poopy position."

I haven't been feeling myself these past few weeks. I've had this sinus draining crap for about 3 weeks and constant congestion so that could be playing a role. The antibiotic my doctor gave me left me with a never-ending horrible headache for a week -- note to self, never take that crap again! And my personal trainer had her 3rd baby boy via c-section three weeks ago so I've not been exercising. At all. I sold my eliptical but I had it since March and got on it like 4 times. I just hate to excersise but I'm so happy she's going to be back in action next week and I plan to see her 3x a week and take my Zumba class 1x per week, maybe 2 if she adds more classes to her schedule. I think not exercising has something to do with the funk too.

Sooooo...what else is new? Oh. I signed up to eHarmony. I figured it couldn't hurt. The Yahoo personals have the same people so why not. So far not so good though. Note to people who want to try the online personals -- post a picture in which your entire face can be seen! This one dude took a self picture, like when you hold the camera out with one hand and snap...except the camera was raised high above his head and he took a sideways sorta view..all you really see is his forehead! And that's the only picture he took! Anyone dorky enough to submit that kind of picture is NOT the guy for me. I'll let you know if anything exciting comes from that.

That's it for now. Anything exciting happening on your end?

Monday, August 6, 2007

South Padre Island

I finally got Michelle's boys to the beach! We have talked about taking them for a while now and planned a trip for July that we ended up cancelling. But then Jamie told me she was taking some vacation days in August so I thought she and I could at least head to the beach, and when I found a beachfront condo with a great discounted price that slept 8, I told Michelle I wanted to take her boys, with or without her. If you know Michelle, you know she doesn't even like the twins to be gone overnight before she starts missing them so when she said she couldn't get the days off (I was leaving on a Thursday, returning Sunday) and she didn't want me to take the twins "in case something happens" I thought it was going to turn into Lisa/Michelle Fight Number 1,000 because I was not going to go all the way to South Padre Island without those twins! Michelle was able to get the time off, but sadly we had to leave behind Marcus. He just started working at Wendy's (which coincidentally enough was the first job Michelle and I had when we returned to the states after graduation) and couldn't get 4 days off, so he stayed with the old folks. Welcome to the real world my dear!

So off we went last Thursday when Michelle got off of work early. When we got to Port Isabel I needed to gas up the SUV we rented and immediately you could smell the salt water air and could feel the humidity, unlike I've ever felt it before. We excitedly stopped to pick up our Dolphin/Sunset/Fireworks sail tickets and headed for our condo. We stayed at the Inverness on the 8th floor and while it wasn't as big as I hoped, it was perfect with a full kitchen and two bathrooms and a big ass balcony overlooking the ocean. We walked down to the beach to let the boys get their feet wet because, well..we had no choice, the boys were dying to see the beach. We saw people with flashlights looking for sand crabs and we made a mental note to buy some for the boys because they wanted to look for crabs too (they are quite small, not what I was expecting.) We spent some time looking at the moon from the balcony and tried to take pictures but the lens kept fogging up because of the humidity and this is what I got. Ryam and Michael thought the pictures were cool, even with the red "aura" around them... and that itty bitty white spot, that would be the moon, though in real life it was pretty big.

After a good night's rest, I woke around 8am thinking someone fell asleep with the kitchen light on, but was the sunlight streaming into the condo thru the closed shades. When I opened the shades I couldn't see, it was that bright.

We got the kids up, fed them a quick breakfast and we got ready to head to the beach. Needing to get to the grocery store to buy food for the weekend, the plan was to take all our beach gear to the beach, rent the umbrellas and chairs and leave the older boys and Jamie behind while we shopped. By the time we got down to the beach, I was sweating profusely, I mean it was just dripping down my face. It was as gross as it sounds and I was highly depressed thinking that was the way I was going to look all frickin weekend. But luckily, when we got back from shopping and made our way to the beach and I was able to get in the water...the sweating stopped. I guess the humidity isn't as bad on the water or something..whatever it was, it worked and I was grateful. The boys were having the time of their lives and Michelle wanted Christy and Rob and their kids to join us instead of going to Port A so she called Christy from the beach and told her how beautiful it was and how much fun the boys were having and that we had room in the condo if they wanted to drive out that night and spend the rest of the weekend with us. Luckily Rob agreed..or Christy moped until she got her way, I'm not sure, but they arrived right before our Dolphin Watch tour was over.

Unfortunately, we didn't see many dolphins...we had seen a pod of them from the beach earlier that day, but at sunset they must have been tired of the tourists because we saw maybe 4 of them.
The boys had a blast despite the lack of dolphins...I think they enjoyed hitting the waves and getting splashed more than anything. And seeing the fireworks display from the boat, literally right under the fireworks, was really cool...and a little freaky after having 4 beers!

When we got back to the condo, Christy and her clan were on the beach so we joined them. Little miss Ella was splashing around, soaking wet and clad only in her undies. Christy said she wanted to take those off too but she told her it wasn't a nude beach! We had a hard time getting the kids down to bed that night, they were so excited to be together, but finally we did and we hit the beach again the next day.

We bought boogie boards for the twins and a skimming board, or something like that, for Michael and's like surfing, but it's a shorter board, thinner and you "skim" on the water near the beach. It's kind of cool and the boys took a beating for a while but they finally got the hang of it. Isaiah took to the boogie board quickly, out there looking like a pro. Ethan and Jakob did well too but not liking the taste of the salt water, they were a little more hesitant of the waves knocking them down and under so they weren't as adventurous, though Jakob totally looks the part of surfer dude. And I have to give Ryan and Michael big props (am I saying that right?) for trying raw oysters. I don't know what possessed them, but I'm glad to see they are not afraid of trying new things.

Two shades darker, and three of us (Christy, Rob and Michelle) sunburned, we were thoroughly exhausted but happy we made the effort for one last hurrah before school starts. We've decided that we need to go to South Padre every year as a family, though we might try staying at the Sheraton next year so we can have the hotel experience of room service and more importantly, maid service!!!