Wednesday, July 11, 2007

June Movie Reviews

So I'm a little behind in my blogging. Not too much has happened and I'm still in recovery mode from my reunion. :-) But I did manage to see some movies last month...


Daddy's Little Girls -- A movie about a black single father of 3 girls and a stuck-up black lady lawyer (that's what I knew about the movie before I saw it.) Gabrielle Union plays the stuck up lawyer...the male character (don't know the actor's name) was a blue collar guy trying to get his own auto repair garage going while supporting his three daughters whose mother left them and was now the hoochie girlfriend of the neighborhood drug pusher. Bad Mom gets the girls and now the father is trying to win back custody. Nothing new as far as the plot goes, but it was a good movie, sad at times, funny at others. Not spectacular and not crappy either.

Letters from Iwo Jima -- I came into this with high expectations since it was the "spinoff" of "Flags of our Father's" which I liked, and since this movie got high praise. You know going in that the Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima are doomed but the stories of the general (I think that's what he was) and his soldiers was supposed to be compelling. It wasn't. It was Boring with a capital B. I kept waiting to be compelled and instead I got sleepy and then irritated that I rented it and ended up stopping the movie before it ended. I so don't get why this was acclaimed by the critics, I really don't.


Shrek the Third -- It was cute and funny but I can't imagine there will be a Shrek 4.

Surf's Up -- I took the twins to see this while I was off for a week after the reunion. I think I wanted to see it more than they did, but they seemed to enjoy it (about surfing penguins) and I think they want to learn how to surf now. :-) It was really cute and funny. Not a "must see in the theater" kind can wait for the rental.

Knocked Up -- Originally I had no interest in paying movie ticket prices to see this one, I thought it would be one of those 'stupid funny' movies that I don't always like, but then I kept hearing that it was really good. So Grace and I went one Saturday afternoon and laughed our asses off! If you don't know, the movie is about a beautiful woman, out to celebrate a promotion, who gets drunk and sleeps with a slob of a guy who happens to be at the same bar. She gets pregnant and they take a stab at a relationship. Funny as have to see it.

The Transformers -- Yes, I saw it. I didn't want to see it, but Michelle and Christy/Rob were taking the boys to see it. I wanted to see Ratatoulle (sp?) but Ella wanted to see the Transformers with the boys so I tagged along figuring I could take a nap if I hated the movie. Surprisingly I didn't hate it, I loved it! The action was great, the story line wasn't cheesy like I thought it would be, and Shia LaBeouf was so darned good in this movie! It's funny, exciting, visually appealing, and just hooks you in from the beginning. I'm glad I went to see it and would actually go see it again!


Rob & Christy said...

If you go see Transformers again let me know! I want to see it again too. I haven't seen Knocked Up, but think I will.