Friday, June 8, 2007

Damn Dogs

I say that in the most loving of ways. The boys are almost 8 months old now and for the most part are good dogs, but they have their not-so-good moments. I swear, puppies are about as close as you can get to having children! And Darcy and Winston are like having twins!

Mr. Darcy (or "Darcy" as he is known when I'm too lazy to say his full name) thinks he is a cat. Really, he does. He climbs on the back of the sofa and walks up and down it with the best balance you've ever seen from a dog. Sometimes he'll lie there and take a quick nap. And he'll come up behind you and put his head on your shoulder...which is cute, but annoying because you can hear him breathing in your ear and then he starts to lick your neck...and I am very ticklish on my neck and the only tongue I want on it does not belong to a canine! Sometimes he walks back and forth really fast that it makes us nervous. I told him if he falls and breaks a leg I'm not taking him to the vet. He's gonna get a stick strapped to his leg with some tape and hope it gets better! Darcy is also the hyper one. "Settle down" is a command I'm using to get them to calm down after (or before) they start rough-housing, and also to calm Darcy down when he's super happy to see you and wants to lick your skin off. He won't be our snuggler, he doesn't sit still long enough.

Winston finally acknowledges his name but he is very stubborn and will outright ignore your ass! He does not have the balance ability that his brother does so he doesn't attempt to cat walk across the back of the sofa. Instead he drapes himself over the arm. We don't know why...but he likes for his head to hang down. Just today he was in my arms and I was giving him a belly rub and he threw his head back so that it was hanging upside down and he took a little nap. He is the calm one, though he has his energy bursts, and because he's the quiet one, he instigates the mischief -- that whole "beware of the quiet ones" holds true even for dogs! He snores, hates to be outside and every now and then does the "humpty hump" on unsuspecting visitors. I thought getting him fixed would help, but maybe he just needs a blow-up doggy doll?

We haven't had time to really train them (will get on that task in July) but they do know the sit command (when treats, food or getting out of the kennel is involved) and "go to your room" (their kennel) and they understand "go outside" and "go potty." The potty training is getting better, we don't have as many accidents but we have to keep a close eye on them and I hope to train them to ring a bell when nature calls because we don't always see them standing at the back door because they are so little.

Like my real-life babies (Michelle's twins), Winston and Mr. Darcy can go from playing nicely together to dog fight in a split you can see below.

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jamie said...

awww i need to come over and play with them since i dont let them out anymore! that pic of you and winston is a kodak moment :D

Rob & Christy said...

How cute they are. They are so big already. Love the one where they are sweet then fighting..Jakob and Ella are the same way!