Thursday, May 17, 2007


(Pronounced Zoomba)

Last week Katherine told me about about Zumba. A dance workout featuring latin music and dances such as the merengue, salsa, cha-cha, etc. It was coming to Helotes, TX and the instructor was offering free 30 minute demonstrations. I went, though I was really nervous after watching the video link on the Zumba website. It originated in Miami so of course all the women doing the workout look like Barbie Dolls with a nice tan. Anyway, I dragged Jamie with me and we met Katherine in Helotes. As soon as I walk into the gym, I spot a guy who looks familiar to me. Turns out it's my friend David. I've known David since I can remember....his family lives across the street from my cousins in Kenedy (my parents' hometown) and I grew up thinking he was also a cousin. When I learned he wasn't my crush on his older brother developed. Then the next summer I crushed on David. And then I crushed on his younger brother Michael (who is my age)....there are more younger brothers but they were way too young. If you knew how cute they are you'd understand why I was trying to get into the family.

Anyway..back to the story, it turns out the instructor is a good friend of David's and he's going to help her instruct until he gets certified in the summer and starts his own classes. The preview starts and the instructor goes over some of the basic steps and explains the concept behind Zumba, which is to get a kick-butt cardio workout while having a lot of fun dancing to this great music. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life! I brought my sweatband that I wear when I workout because I sweat --that's right...I don't perspire, I sweat!-- but Jamie was embarrassed at the idea of me next to her in a sweatband so I didn't wear it. Big mistake....I looked like I got out of the shower, and Jamie didn't look any better! We loved it and signed up and last night we had our first full class. Since the 30 minute demo kicked our butts, we weren't too sure how we'd do for a full hour. Luckily we were able to towel down and drink some water in between songs (and of course we could do this at any point but we were trying to make it thru the entire song without stopping.) and we made it the entire way thru. I can't say the same for my sweatband. It was drenched so I either need to find a super thick one, or bring two and swap out at the midway point. That sounds kinda gross.....but if you workout and sweat I know you understand where I'm comin' from!

I thought that because I have some rhythym and was the captain of my high school dance team, that I would be able to pick up the moves pretty easily. Wrong. There were many times that I felt like a complete dork and many times when I couldn't get my arm and leg movements in sync. And there are some things my hips don't do easily. But that just makes me more determined to conquer Zumba! First, get all the movements down....Second, learn to move my feet as fast as the instructor does!


Rob & Christy said...

Sounds fun. If David ever gets his class in San Antonio I'll definitely go. I remember dancing with David at some nightclub that used to play all those cool alternative songs (The Cure, New Order)..that guy was born to dance!