Thursday, May 31, 2007

This Girl

This girl is 18 years old and about to leave the "home" that she has lived in for the past 4 years. She hated Germany at was cold when she arrived (November) and so...well, foreign. Quickly though, she grew to love it and didn't want to leave when it was time.

This girl thought that she'd be married by the age of 19 and would have six children. Why six? She doesn't even know, it wasn't like she was a big fan of The Brady Bunch.

This girl wrote in her Senior Memory Book that in 5 years she saw herself married and 5 years after that she'd probably have 2 kids and be divorced. She put a smiley face next to that entry but she's not even sure why she would have joked about something like that. She also said that her career goals were to be rich and to have a "fulfilling life."

Fast forward 20 years....she didn't marry at 19 and doesn't have any kids, let alone 6, but she has six nephews and one niece to spoil and love on and has had more than her share of heartaches over the opposite sex; she has also learned lessons from those heartaches so they served their purpose.

For a long time she felt "lost" many friends were getting married, having kids, living their life and she felt like hers hadn't begun yet. But she didn't know she was on the journey that God intended for her to be on. Now that she's older (but looks younger than her age!) and wiser, she knows that it doesn't take a man or children to feel fulfilled and she also knows that sometimes God says "no" and she accepts that.

She has a great job that allows her to support herself and her passions (reading, traveling, photography, shoe shopping -- and the braces to give her pretty straight teeth.) She has her sisters, her parents, extended family and a huge circle of friends from all stages of her life. She also has two puppies that she loves....when they aren't peeing and pooping in the house. And she learned that she has a bit of a talent for writing and had the opportunity of a lifetime to write an advice column for three years....she's been published!

She is rich not in wealth, but in the things that matter in life. She is happy and she is fulfilled. And she's amazed that she knew the importance of living a fulfilled life before she began to really live.


Rob & Christy said...

Very cool. However sounds like you think God has said "No" and you are ok with that answer. I don't agree, which is typical of our personalities. I NEVER take no for an answer (not even to God)...and look at me :)

Of course, I think that makes the people around me a little crazy and so maybe I need to rethink that theory!!

I'm very proud to be your little sister, very proud of how you've chosen to live your life and be happy! I can learn a thing or two...I tend to have more than I need in all aspects but can't learn to stop and appreciate it.

I thought by now I'd be a stay at home mom with a rich, successful husband; look how backwards my dreams turned out :)

Lisa said...

Well, he said "not right now" many times in my life and I fought it, which is why I kept running into the same type of man. I finally decided to stop trying to take over the steering wheel -- ever heard the phrase "Let Go and Let God" ??? I finally let go because fighting it was obviously not doing anything for me. And I say that I accept it because it's the only way to live happily. I can't have a Lisa Pity Party for One every day of my life, no one would want to be around me! :-)

I still have a lot of living to do, and I've been a late bloomer in almost every aspect of my life so I might run into "God's Best" (cuz that's what I'm holding out for...God's Best) tomorrow, or 5 years from now.

Actually, he could have been the Army guy mom ran into at Village Inn the other day -- she told me how cute he was, how his smile was beautiful and she missed her big opportunity to flirt for the Lisa Cause! She talked to him, reminded him to get his utensils for his take-out meal and he said "thanks, you know us single guys don't have utensils" or something like that. She blew the perfect window of opportunity to say "my daughter has plenty of forks - here, call her!" :-)

jamie said...

aww this made me tear up! i love how independent you are! you are a wonderful person and you have given me a lot of advice. im GLAD to be your LITTLE SISTER! love you

Billy A said...


I finally had the time to read your blog’s pretty interesting. I always enjoyed reading your advise column and of course the long conversations we have had in the past regarding life, family and relationships. I agree with you in the fact that God has a plan for all of us and to really fulfill his plan we need to let go and trust that he has our best interest at heart. I think that when we try to take over and make things happen our way we risk the chance of experiencing the highest level of personal spiritual fulfillment that God has to offer us. Good things come to those who wait etc. is what most of us were taught growing up and your purpose here is still being written. I do know that you have helped me and many others and that is something to be proud of. Keep up the blog and I will make it a point to read it several times a month. Your friend.....


laurie said...

Bold of you! I'm not brave enough to share my yearbook pic!! :)