Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Movie Reviews

Even though I went out of town for Memorial Day weekend, I still managed to see three movies. Two on DVD and one in person.

1. Because I Said So -- I wasn't sure what this movie was about other than it was about a meddling mother (Diane Keeton) and her three daughters (Mandy Moore being the main one). I remember the reviews for this movie being really bad..the critics hated it, so I wasn't ever really planning to rent it. Except that my mom and sis rented it and liked it, and returned it before I could borrow it! Thanks Dad...that man still can not take a message, or give one. The movie is about a meddling mother wanting her youngest to find true love, and it is entirely a cute movie. Very much a chick flick. Diane's character does act overly goofy at times but I liked it enough to recommend it. Funny, and sweet and cute boys to look at too. Though one sister's character, Piper something-or-other is the actress, didn't seem to have any purpose in the film at all. She had less than 10 lines the whole film I swear!

2. Music and Lyrics -- I love Drew Barrymore and love most of Hugh Grant's movies so I've been wanting to see this one. Again, this is a movie that mom rented and dad didn't tell her not to return it before I had a chance to borrow it. I totally loved this movie. It made me laugh and almost made me cry at the end. I loved both characters, Hugh Grant is just funny without even trying. Another chick flick, but would make a good date movie too..it's not too sappy.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 -- so do you pronounce it CariBBEAN, or CARIbbean? Anyway...Jamie went with me and Grace to see this last night and Jamie warned me that she heard it was a 3 hour movie. She was right. And at times it felt like a 3 hour movie because I forgot my shawl and was getting cold. The graphics and action shots were amazing. And FINALLY Keith Richards makes an appearance though his part was smaller than I thought it would be. My only gripe is that I had such a hard time remembering what happened on PotC 2 so I was a bit lost until we pieced it together between the three of us. Good movie..not a "must see in theaters" movie, at least not for me, and beware when taking little ones...they will get lost in the story and might get ancy with the 3 hour thing...much like the little brat sitting next to Grace who was entirely too old to be crying for her daddy who took her brother to the bathroom!


Rob & Christy said...

Your "shawl"? What are you, 90 years old??

I LOVED Music and Lyrics, I wanted to go out and buy it immediately after watching it. Then we forgot, but now you've reminded me that I meant to do that. I did cry. Of course.

I think we're still going to take Jakob to see Pirates, even though he'll probably fall asleep. It's all he's been talking about. He'd rather see that then Shrek 3??!

Lisa said...

Okay...so maybe the better word to describe what is basically my pink blanket, is a "wrap" and it's a lifesaver in cold restaurants or movie theaters!