Monday, May 28, 2007

Look Kids, the Capital

I never remember lines from movies so I rarely quote any. But the one I do remember is that line from Vacation, the one where the Griswald's go to Europe and they get stuck in the circular road in London and Clark keeps passing up Parliament and Big Ben. I hardly ever get a chance to quote the line but it was most appropriate for our trip to Austin. We took off around 6:15 p.m. on Friday, right after I got home from work and loaded my stuff into the van. Michelle drove and I had the directions. Typically I am very good with a map and directions but I was tired and when I read "take 183 north", I read it as take EXIT 183 north...not HIGHWAY 183 north. We passed the Capital three times and what should have been a one hour trip took us two hours. Michelle and I burst into a giggle fit, the kind with tears, because we were so tired and it was funny but the boys didn't think it was anything to laugh at. Isaiah had konked out in the back seat and Ethan told me that his feet hurt. When I asked how his feet could hurt since he was sitting he said "they hurt cuz I'm not using them!"

We finally made it to the hotel (a very nice hotel, thanks Tobey Lee for the hookup!) and as luck would have it, Jamie and I got a room to ourselves because the little ones wanted to be together so it made better sense for Michelle and Christy to take the adjoining rooms. But that didn't mean we didn't have little ones in our room. The first night Jamie ended up sleeping with Ella because Ella was wide awake and everyone else were trying to sleep. After a little bit of Ella playing waitress and taking our orders, Jamie convinced her to let her scratch her back (a sure fire way to make Ella fall asleep.) Jamie didn't get the best of sleep because Ella was sleeping at an angle forcing Jamie to the edge of her bed, but I slept GREAT! I didn't have to wake up to let any dogs pee and I was in heaven!

When we woke up on Saturday we got dressed, and made it downstairs in time for the complimentary hot breakfast. Then we took off for Bastrop Park. And it poured. But we figured we'd still head out to the park anyway and give the kids something to at least look at. When we arrived the rain had stopped and after finding the one lake area we parked and started getting the fishing gear ready. The kids were so excited and the weather, though a tad humid from the rain, wasn't so bad. We talked about going back in the fall and renting log cabins for a weekend. Of course this brought up "Friday the 13th" and Camp Crystal Lake and Michelle is already scared I think.

Rob is such a sport. He's the only uncle so it was his job to help the kids get the stinky bait (which looked like squares of dog poop) onto the reels and then show them how to cast their fishing poles. Some caught on quickly, others did not and some just didn't have luck on their side. This is the look on Ryan's face as he dropped his hook thingy on the ground behind him as he tried to cast it. I think it was after this try that he then got it stuck in a tree! He finally got the hang of it but not after being teased by his older brother and uncle!

Ella really wasn't into the fishing so much. She tried it but quickly was bored by it. She would rather eat and try and climb the rocks.

After about 2 and a half hours of no fish, the kids were restless. The most exciting thing we saw in the water were little turtles and they kept eating the bait. I'm sure the noise we were making scared off the fish, but there were a couple of other families who were at the lake before we arrived and they didn't catch anything either! We managed to load them back into the cars, clean them off and then went to eat a late lunch. Later that day Christy and Rob went to a concert and after a quick power nap by me and Jamie (poor Michelle never gets to rest!) we loaded all of the kids into the van (my mom's van, thanks mom!) and headed into Austin with the intention of watching the bats at the Congress Avenue bridge make their nightly flight into town. Of course we only had 15 minutes to get there and we didn't make it so we decided to go by the Capital instead. Luckily, the capital was still open and so we took the kids inside. The most exciting thing to Marcus and Ryan was standing over an A/C vent and having their shirts puffed up. The twins and Ella and Jakob got a kick out of the cannons that were in front of the building and jumped on them like it was a ride. It is a pretty building, the grounds are beautiful and at night it was just a sight. Unfortunately I was taking pics with my handheld digital and the night setting doesn't take the clearest of pics but here are some from that little side trip.

After that, we drove down 6th Street to let the kids see it...they were uninterested but Michelle said she'd like to go back, sans kids, and party one night. She doesn't go out in SA mind you, but she's all up for 6th Street! We then drove around trying to find somewhere to eat..but the twins crashed in the car, most of the kids said they weren't hungry and it was late. So we picked up good ol' Mickey D's and went back to the hotel room. On Sunday we slept in, got dressed, checked out and ate breakfast at IHOP then headed home, after a stop at the outlet in San Marcos. So all in all it was fun little getaway and everyone survived!


Rob & Christy said...

Funny! your pics at the lake came out good, mine are all yellowy orange...I'm still learning how to use my camera! Thanks for taking care of all the kids, and I must say that I wasn't worried at all that you (rather Michelle) would lose them like she did at Disneyworld. Actually, I just now thought of that. Had I thought about it before I would have had to take them to the concert with me!

It was fun, we'll definitely get cabins next time.

Zoey said...

People should read this.