Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Austin or Bust

Finally, we are taking the kids on a family trip this weekend. minus the old folks. If there isn't a casino within 20 feet my dad won't go. Originally we (Christy, Rob, Me, Michelle and Jamie) planned to take the kids to South Padre Island for Memorial Day. Then Rob wanted to go camping at Bastrop Park, so they bailed. Then Michelle realized that the week of May 28th is a payroll week so she'd have to work on Memorial Day and there's no point in driving all the way to SPI for 2 nights. So Austin it is. We're taking the kids fishing at Bastrop on Saturday and then will do some sightseeing in Austin on Sunday...typical tourist stuff, like seeing the Capital, maybe strolling the UT campus so Marcus, Ryan and Michael can get excited about going to college. Christy, Rob and Jamie are also talking about getting tattoos (a first for Rob and Jamie, a second for Christy). I don't know what we'll be doing with the kids when they get them...Michelle's twins will think it's cool and will no longer be satisfied with the stick on variety that they are used to, so I'm not sure we want to encourage them!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us, I have no idea what the forecast is, I'll get around to checking that out sometime before we leave on Friday.

It'll be fun, and tiring, with 6 boys and a 3 year old little girl who bosses everyone around. Heck, just picking out fishing poles for Michelle's boys about wore out my patience. This picture is from Easter; Ryan and Michael (on the right) aren't really that dark, it's the angle and not enough flash!


Rob & Christy said...

I'm already tired too...I can't get excited about fishing but the kids sure are excited. Rob says we can rent canoes and go to the middle of the lake instead of fishing from the edge. I don't know why I think if we do that someone is falling into the water for sure..probably me.

Come on Lisa, get a tattoo with us! It will be fun!!

Lisa said...

Aww hell. A canoe, huh? You KNOW the boys are gonna want to do that. We need to pack floaties. I was planning to just chill out and watch everyone fish, I don't want to have to paddle on my mini-vacation, though it would be good exercise!

Oh no...I don't like anything that much to go thru the pain of permanently putting it on my body.
I told Jamie I'd get a smiley face, and just the outline, no coloring in of the face! :-)