Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is it safe to have your nose waxed?

No, seriously....aren't we supposed to have some hair in our nose? My roomie, Grace, first had her nose waxed a couple of weeks ago and told me she could breathe better afterwards and that not all of her nose hair was gone..just the little bits around the opening of her nose. I was completely happy with my normal nose-hair grooming routine of using small scissors to trim the ones that get unruly and try to get some sun. But today I had an appointment with the lady who does Grace's face (facials, eyebrow waxing, microdermabrasion)...she's a woman I've heard of for years because she was the "face lady" who was in the hair salon I have frequented for years. She always had customers waiting to have something plucked, waxed or acid-peeled so I figured she was good at what she did. And I needed to have my face threaded for my upcoming trip to Vegas.

If you never had your face threaded lemme explain. It's an old middle eastern custom of removing facial hair using two or three pieces of thread...somehow they intertwine as they go over your face, thus grasping at your fine facial hair and pulling them out. If you thought "ouch", you would be correct. It hurts. Especially over sensitive areas (cheeks, above and below your mouth, chin) but your face starts to numb and it becomes pretty tolerable. I first had it done a couple of months ago (by someone else) and was amazed how much of a difference it made. You have NO idea how much facial hair you have until you feel it landing on your face...which is kinda gross. I gave this new lady a try and while she was working on my eyebrows (she did a GREAT job, aside from one stray hair sticking straight come they never catch that one hair sticking straight out?) and she asked if I had seen the nose wax stuff before as she's holding it above my face. I told her I had not but that Grace told me about it, so she then shoves it up my nostril. I didn't really have a chance to object so I guess it's a good thing that I was willing to give it a try. After it dried she proceeded to yank this big glob of green wax out of my nose...there was a little bit of pain as you would expect but not too bad. But when she did the other nostril, things didn't go as smoothly. She went to give it one good hard yank and it didn't felt like she ripped my nose off. The wax was so far up my nose that she had to use tweezers to pull it out. She said that sometimes happens the first time....uh huh, whatever. But I could feel a difference...I felt cleaner.

Once I was out in my car and in the daylight I decided to take a closer peek. It's all bald up in my nose and it looks unnatural. I guess only time will tell if those nose hairs serve a purpose or not. Will dust bother me more and cause me to sneeze all the time? Will knats fly up my nose? I dunno....but I'll let you know if something unusual happens.